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    Brew Food for Thought

    Our friends at ReGrained are looking to grow. Besides their admonition to “Eat Beer”, the guys at ReGrained push to make a small part of the beer/food system a little more efficient. “Brew Good. Bake Good. Do Good.”  Check out how @ReGrained bakes tasty+healthy+sustainable EatBeer bars. Give them a try and think about tossing a few coins their way as they grow and become a bigger part of the beer ecosystem.  ReGrained Barnraiser Page Full disclosure: The author has received and tasted both of the available ReGrained bars (provided by ReGrained) and they are quite good. A review will be posted soon.

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    Charity from the Bottom of the Glass

    There’s a great big beer festival happening in Denver, Colorado this weekend. The Great American Beer Festival opened its doors on Thursday for the beginning of a 4 day beer extravaganza. Somewhere around 20,000 people will attend this event and a good time will be had by all (well..most). Exciting beer activities will abound.On Friday (the 25th), there was another exciting little beer activity happening in England and Ireland. This one aimed directly at charity. A small group of English/Welsh/Scottish and Irish beer enthusiasts decided charity can start anywhere, even at the bottom of a glass. An absolutely fantastic idea that was the brainchild of Steven Bentall (@BeerOClockShow) and Phil Hardy…

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    Much ado about Brewgaloo

    Brewgaloo, the NC Craft Beer Festival 2015, was held on April 25th in downtown Raleigh, NC. My daughter and I trekked all the way down US-1 from Wake Forest, NC (all of 20 minutes) to get there. We very much enjoyed ourselves. From the standpoint of NC brewers, this was one of the finest we have yet seen. All regions of NC seemed to be present and that is what made this an outstanding experience. From Highland Brewing in Ashville and NoDa Brewing in Charlotte, to White Street Brewing in Wake Forest or Deep River Brewing in Clayton to Mother Earth Brewing in Kinston towards the coast, I thought the overall…

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    The Cellarmans Creed

    This is my beer. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My beer is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. My beer, without me, is useless. Without my beer, I am useless. I must drink my beer true. I must brew faster than my enemy who is trying to outbrew me. I must outbrew him before he outbrews me. I will… My beer and I know that what counts in bars is not the rounds we pour, the noise of our taps, nor the joke we make. We know that it is the tips that count.…

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    Oktoberwhat? Oktoberfest

    As I finish the first of the holiday travel recap articles I am still going about the business of making changes to the website to reflect what is happening in the beer world. And there is really nothing bigger in the beer world than the annual German beer festival we all know and love “Oktoberfest”.  I, myself, have not had the opportunity to attend this festival yet, but there is an off chance that next fall may be the time. Until then I will continue to put on my own little rendition of the festival. We have about 9 chicken, 8 packages of bratwurst, 5 quarts of potato salad, 24 pretzels…

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    Continuing Education

    Another year has passed. Cellarmonk’s own MeisterSgt (TheCellarMonk’s big brother) gains another year today. As they say, with age comes wisdom. This applies to most things in life, but I am especially proud of the fact that MeisterSgt is continuing in his beer education. No, he is not headed back to school to learn the fine art of brewing or the machinations of being a cellarman. He is just broadening his tastes in beer. Five year ago very little other than macro could be found in his fridge. Although there can still be some found, it is much less prevalent. He has moved on to more exotic beers. For some reason, everytime TheCellarMonk…

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    Pig pops and Beer

    Just a beautiful day for beer and pork ribs. Now that’s not saying I have ordered them and they will be at the table soon.  This means spending the afternoon with two of my favorite things. Five gallons of homebrew and a smoker full of pork ribs.  I think it’s a shame that I seem to be the only person in the neighborhood right now that smells of Session ESB and hickory. Although I end up feeling a bit like jerky by the time I am finished smoking the ribs, the smoky,  sweet and spicy pig pops more than make up for it. I just wish I had enough for…

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    Getting Back into Beer Writing

    It’s been a very busy last 6 month and I haven’t been able to keep up with content on the website. I now have more time to focus on the cite and its content. My plan is to publish at least one article a week (if not more). I am open to any suggestions in regards to their content. I am also looking to start filling in many of the different sections that have been neglected. The sections include: HomebrewingBeer & FoodBrew HappeningsBeer Travels many more. If you have any original content that you think might be of interest or would just like to perhaps guest post, I would be…

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    GABF or Bust!

    Sitting in the airport awaiting boarding on the first leg of my journey to Denver to meet up with both my real family and the much larger brewing family. GABF begins on Thursday, but I wanted to get out early to enjoy all the different events leading up to it. From tap takeovers to meetups, I don’t think that I will be at a loss for things to do.   See you in Denver!