• Elixir Brew Co.

    Save(d) Elixir Brew Co

      Help Save   A very abridged version of what is happening today in Edinburgh, Scotland to a friend of CellarMonks – The Elixir Brew Co. It seems that a regional brewer, Everards Brewery Ltd, has sent Elixir a cease & desist letter brandishing trademark of the term “Elixir”.  Everards has produced one beer that was termed “elixir”. This was produced as a summer cask special. As of this writing, the company’s own website makes no mention of that beer. The owners and brewers of Elixir are hardworking, gracious people just trying to produce unique one-off beers for the enjoyment of those in and around Edinburgh. They are no threat…

  • World Beer Fest

    World? Beer Festival

    When should the term “world” apply when referencing what constitutes the breadth of a particular item?  In this case I am speaking of beer. Having just attended the 16th World Beer Festival in Durham, NC (by All About Beer magazine), I began to wonder if the name was implying too much.  The craft beer community knows the quintessential countries of beer.  Having brewed beers far longer than the United States has existed, these countries are the place in which most US brewing styles and techniques originated.  Countries like England, Belgium and Germany, to say nothing of Czech are the hallmarks of beer.  The birthplaces of styles and techniques, innovation and expanding…

  • Brewmaster_012_500x375

    A Man in His Element

    Who better to meet and greet at your local home brew shop than a man intimately familiar with the crafting and brewing of great beers.  Noted beer author and a long time fixture in the beer community, Ray Daniels, visited American Brewmaster in Raleigh, NC to chat and sign copies of his beer best seller, Designing Great Beers. Mr. Daniels is a well-respected authority in the beer and brewing community, is an instructor at the Siebel Institute of Brewing Technology, and is the man behind the Cicerone Certification Program. He took the time to sign a few books for some of the avid home brewers that stopped by to meet him and spoke…