Monk's Musings

Continuing Education


Another year has passed. Cellarmonk’s own MeisterSgt (TheCellarMonk’s big brother) gains another year today. As they say, with age comes wisdom. This applies to most things in life, but I am especially proud of the fact that MeisterSgt is continuing in his beer education.

No, he is not headed back to school to learn the fine art of brewing or the machinations of being a cellarman. He is just broadening his tastes in beer. Five year ago very little other than macro could be found in his fridge. Although there can still be some found, it is much less prevalent. He has moved on to more exotic beers.

For some reason, everytime TheCellarMonk (me) would head north to pay him a visit more, varied beers would mystically appear in his fridge. I think my first inclination that his tastes were changing was his purchase of a Saranac Brewing Variety Pack. Not only did he drink his way through it, but he noted what he liked and disliked. I was so proud.

Then I introduced him to the world of dark Belgian ales. Since then there has been no turning back. His favorite of the moment is Leffe Brun, but we have enjoyed Gulden Drak and St Bernardus Abt on many occasions. He is on a dark beer kick at the moment as played out on our recent trip to Great Britain. He was right after any and all porter and stouts that he could find. The moment that almost brought a tear to my eye though was right at the start of the trip when he asked me to explain the lexicon that I would be using to describe and taste beers. 

So here’s to you MeisterSgt, Happy Birthday and Happy Tasting.