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    A Visit To Bhramari Brewing Company

    I recently had the opportunity to stop in at Bhramari Brewing Company during a recent visit to Asheville, North Carolina while my daughter worked at a wedding in town.  I would have to say that I quite enjoyed myself. Saturday afternoon, taproom not too busy (but I could see it becoming very busy later in the day). The building itself it quite large and broken into different seating sections. Plenty of seating is available around the taps as well as there being a quite large patio and another section the encompasses another corner of the bulding. The brewery’s beer selection was quite extensive and there were also other alcoholic options (mixed drinks)…

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    Interview with a Homebrewer

    Interview with a Homebrewer – Brew Duo

    The homebrewing community is thought to be one of the solitary brewer standing forth at his mash tun or brew kettle, contemplating his next step or next brew.  Yes, there are homebrew clubs and such, but rarely do we get to see a couple that actually brews together.  Past experience, and quite a few, “That’s nice, honey” has this writer heard from his own spouse while brewing.  We are excited to bring to CellarMonk our first husband and wife brewers.  From the way it sounds, this will be a lifelong endeavor.  Please welcome to the Comfy Computer Chair of Fame (Lara, women first ya know) and to the Not So…

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    Interview with a Homebrewer

    Interview with a Homebrewer – Creecher Comforts

    A fellow North Carolina homebrewer joins us in the Comfy Computer Chair of Fame for a Tar Heel homebrew interview.  Our homebrewer is plugged into most homebrew happenings in the state and publishes a blog to get the word out on what’s going on in the NC hombrew community.  Please welcome and avid homebrewer with dreams beyond the kitchen, welcome Mr. Chris Creech @NChomebrewing Name:  Chris Creech Day Job:  Project Manager for a Web Design Firm What got you into homebrewing? A person? An unfulfilled interest? Sheer boredom? My college roommate was talking about his “bucket list,” and one of the things on his list was to brew his own beer, so I…

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    Interview with a Homebrewer

    Interview with a Homebrewer – Ale-Conner

    We are very exited to bring you this next Interview with a Homebrewer.  Our next interviewee has a long history in the homebrewing and beer communities.  The author of two books (linked images below) as well as multiple articles in assorted beer and brewing publications, he has the homebrewing pedigree that most homebrewers (some professional brewers too) would love to have.  We bring to the Comfy Computer Chair of Fame, Mr. Marty Nachel. To find out more about Marty outside of this article, follow this link:  Ale-Conner Name: Marty Nachel Day Job: Formerly in the fields of welding and fabrication. Currently self-employed (Beer Writer, Beer and Brewing Instructor). When did…

  • Greg Yelland
    Interview with a Homebrewer

    Interview with a Homebrewer – Quick Study

    Imagine, as a homebrewer, having three months every summer with nothing to do but watch reruns.  Our newest homebrewer has just such a problem.  As a teacher (bravo), he has the summer months to himself and is making the most of it.  Having just started homebrewing late last year, this homebrewer is making up for lost time.  Welcome to the Comfy Computer Chair of Fame, Mr. Greg Yelland.  They teach psychology in high school?   Name: Greg Yelland Day Job: High School psychology teacher and varsity assistant baseball coach When did you start homebrewing? I brewed my first ever batch (Brewers Best Red Ale) on November 17th, 2011. What got you…

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    Interview with a Brewmaster

    Interview with a Brewmaster – Maryland Malt Master

    A part of the “Featured Brewery” activities this month on CellarMonk, we are lucky enough to interview the head brewer for the DuClaw Brewing Company.  Since we are covering almost every aspect of DuClaw, it was time for their head brewer, Jim Wagner, to sit down in the comfy computer chair of fame and answer some of the most important questions ever asked of a brewer.  Not really, but they are good questions.  So sit back, grab a HellRazer IPA (available locally in Maryland, sorry) and read on. Name(s):  Jim Wagner Brewery Name: DuClaw Brewing Company When did the brewery start?  1996 How long have you been brewmaster there?  1998 Any…

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    Interview with a Homebrewer

    Interview with a Homebrewer – NoCal Al

    Up next in our ongoing interview series is a man with drive and ambition to spare.  He comes to us from lovely Novato, CA.  When he’s not out whipping someone into shape, he can probably be found whipping up his next batch of homebrew.  Let’s give a warm cellar welcome for Mr. Alan Atha.  You can also find out more about Alan at his blog Beltane Brewing Name:   Alan Atha   Day Job:  Personal Trainer/Cycling Coach   When did you start homebrewing? I went full bore one year ago.   What got you into homebrewing? A person? An unfulfilled interest?  Sheer boredom? I had the flu and was in bed reading a…

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    Interview with a Homebrewer

    Interview with a Homebrewer – Cosentino Wire

    In our ongoing interview series, we now subject our next homebrewer to the klieg light of fame.  When he’s not banging away at his computer keyboard, our interviewee is hard at work on his next home brewed endeavor.  Let’s hear it for Kevin Cosentino. Name: Kevin Cosentino Day Job: Software Engineer When did you start homebrewing? September 2006 What got you into homebrewing?A person? An unfulfilled interest? Sheer boredom? My friend and I were sitting around drinking craft beer when a commercial for the Sam Adams homebrew competition came on. We figured it would be fun to brew our own, so we went out and bought a kit and ingredients,…