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About Us

About CellarMonk

logo transCellarMonk is just a group of people that appreciate the different beverages that are available around the world.

Nothing more, nothing less.

We say,”Revering Life’s Liquid Pleasures”, what does that mean? To us that means just try to enjoy whatever it is you have, whether that is expensive fine crafted beers, wines or liquors, or just what you can find at the corner store. We are not trying to be a “craft” anything site, because we think that limits the overall experience. Some of the best drinks are the ones that have been around for a long time. We are trying to get away from being pigeonholed into one particular field and as such are trying to make this site the most broadly defined beer, wine and spirits website in the world.

CellarMonk was built to help provide a better understanding of what it is you have in your hand. It’s meant as a reference for those that want to learn more about what they drink, or just find out what the best bar or pub is in a certain town. CellarMonk will be what you make of it.  We have built this as a community site. We don’t believe in telling anyone what to drink or how to drink it.

Creating a free CellarMonk profile will help you get the most out of our community. Consder us just a bunch of like minded individuals looking to spread our beer knowledge through community cooperation. Your free profile will help you connect with the rest of our CellarMonk’s followers (brothers and sisters) and contributors, and makes it easy for you keep on top of the beer communities events and connect with others for an enriching beer experience. 

Be aware that CellarMonk will produce revenue through advertising and other means. We will make every attempt to make sure that those advertisements are targeted to a particular area and are not offensive or annoying.

Finally, although we encourage you to Revere Beer.  Please be responsible when imbibing.

The People

Chris Christopher Graf aka TheAbbot

CellarMonk dot com is owned and operated by Christopher Graf

Chris drinks and homebrews beer, drinks (and will eventually make homemade wine) and drinks spirits in moderation (some bad joojoo in the past).  He started CellarMonk as an outlet for his pent up frustration with the other review and ratings sites out there that only gave users “part” of the information.   More than that, he wanted to make CellarMonk as full featured as possible.  His goal is to build community with CellarMonk through messaging, forums, interviews and much more.

Tim Graf aka GrafSt0ut

Chris’ brother Tim (along with his wife Eva) act as the site’s resident European Contributors.  Tim has spent the good part of the last 10 years in Europe and gives the site a different flavor with his suggestion of beers, wines and spirits that are not common to most Americans.  Tim resides in beautiful Budapest, Hungary and travels the continent tasting and commenting on sites and experiences he has enjoyed.

tomunderwaterTom Graf aka MeisterSgt

Chris’ brother Tom acts as the site’s resident idea guy. Chris will often go to him for his thoughts on different aspects of the site and way in which to make the site more user friendly or more useful. Just beware when he gets on a roll and bring out his former Drill Sgt persona.


The most important people here at CellarMonk are our users.  You drive the content and changes that make this site better and more appealing to the masses.

Go ahead, take the plunge. Register for an account today and help us make this the best beer community site on the internet!