• fergusmalt
    Interview with a Brewmaster

    Interview with a Head Brewer – Sole Man

    We are on somewhat of an English brewer kick at the moment with our head brewer interviews. The latest brewer was recommended to CellarMonk from an avid beer drinker (thanks @broadfordbrewer) and luckily he agreed to sit in the Comfy Computer Chair of Fame (well, somewhat) and hold court on all aspects of his brewing life (well, the exciting bits at least). Please welcome to CellarMonk, the head brewer for Adnams Plc, Mr. Fergus Fitzgerald.Name(s): Fergus Fitzgerald  @SolebearBrewery Name: Adnams Plc How long have you beer head brewer/brewmaster there?I joined in 2004 and became head brewer in 2008. Any type of formal training in brewing science or art? If not, how…

  • Ady Goodrich
    Interview with a Homebrewer

    Interview with a Homebrewer – Brew Builder

    Once again we are starting up with our interviews of the worlds homebrewers. Our latest hails from the UK and as strange as it seems homebrew’s to save money (or at least keep more of his own). After quickly dusting off the Comfy Computer Chair of Fame, allow us to introduce to you homebrewer, Mr. Ady Goodrich Name: – Ady Goodrich Day Job: – Architectural Project Technologist When did you start homebrewing? Started kits in 2011, but graduated to all grain in August 2012. What got you into homebrewing? A person? An unfulfilled interest? Sheer boredom? I liked drinking most ales in the pub, but started drinking more at home…

  • photohornsres
    Interview with a Beer Blogger

    Interview with a Beer Blogger – Nothing but Beersay

    Beer bloggers are a lucky lot.  They get to enjoy their subject (beer and the drinking of beer) and at the same time chronicle the event.  Our next blogger in the spotlight hails from Great Britain, but he has a decidedly worldly beer palate.  Having a look at his blog, one can definitely tell that he loves his subject and if one has followed him on Twitter for any period of time, he has no problem doing research.  Please welcome to the Comfy Computer Chair of Fame – Phil (last name withheld to protect the innocent, the innocent what, we’re not sure of).Name: Phil     Twitter Name: @Filrd Blog or…

  • 1 Brewing IPA drinking Extra Coffee Stout 304x228
    Interview with a Homebrewer

    Interview with a Homebrewer – Microbe Man

    A hobby well chosen by our next featured homebrewer.  With a background in microbiology and chemistry, this brewer should have no problems working the finicky nature of some of beers complex ingredients.  Having brewed for quite some time also means he’s moved from “kit” to “keg” (not sure if he kegs or not, but I needed something fluid to write).  Please welcome to the Comfy Computer Chair of Fame, Homebrew Dave Morton  – @dmonbeer.  Oh yeah, he hails from Altrincham, United Kingdom. Name: Dave Morton Day Job: Legionella Risk Assessor, although previously I’ve worked as a chemist & microbiologist for breweries. When did you start homebrewing? When I was about 17…

  • Melissa Cole
    Interview with a Beer Blogger

    Interview with a Beer Blogger – Across the Pond

    In a new interview series here on CellarMonk, we will be seating Beer Bloggers in the comfy computer chair of fame.  First up is a Twitter friend that was at the ready to suggest can’t miss pubs to go to during this author’s recent trip to London. Whether it’s judging beer, tasting beer, or evangelizing beer, she is at the ready.  Welcome the the Cellar, beer expert and food diva, Melissa Cole. Name: Melissa Cole Blog Name: Taking the Beard Out of Beer Location (city, country): London, United Kingdom (UK) When did your blog start? 2007What got you into blogging about beer?I write about beer for a living, and I get…