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    A Visit To Bhramari Brewing Company

    I recently had the opportunity to stop in at Bhramari Brewing Company during a recent visit to Asheville, North Carolina while my daughter worked at a wedding in town.  I would have to say that I quite enjoyed myself. Saturday afternoon, taproom not too busy (but I could see it becoming very busy later in the day). The building itself it quite large and broken into different seating sections. Plenty of seating is available around the taps as well as there being a quite large patio and another section the encompasses another corner of the bulding. The brewery’s beer selection was quite extensive and there were also other alcoholic options (mixed drinks)…

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    Save(d) Elixir Brew Co

      Help Save   A very abridged version of what is happening today in Edinburgh, Scotland to a friend of CellarMonks – The Elixir Brew Co. It seems that a regional brewer, Everards Brewery Ltd, has sent Elixir a cease & desist letter brandishing trademark of the term “Elixir”.  Everards has produced one beer that was termed “elixir”. This was produced as a summer cask special. As of this writing, the company’s own website makes no mention of that beer. The owners and brewers of Elixir are hardworking, gracious people just trying to produce unique one-off beers for the enjoyment of those in and around Edinburgh. They are no threat…

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    My Local – Revisited

    {xtypo_dropcap}I{/xtypo_dropcap}t has been almost a year since I first wrote about what was to become the first brewery local to my home. White Street Brewing Company opened its doors one year ago (September 15th). Did the brewery live up to the expectations I set forth in my original article? Absolutely. The brewery/taproom has become everything that I had wished it to be in the original article. A place for clubs to meet. The White Street Brewers Guild (Homebrewing) and the Wake Forest Area Runners meet there to name just a few. Is it a place you can just stop by after a long day and grab a beer? Most certainly.…

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    Great American Ticket Brewhaha

      Social media is abuzz with consternation with the Brewers Association (BA) and the ticket vendor (Ticketmaster) for the speed at which tickets for the 2013 edition of the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) sold out. Although it did not go as smooth as they would have liked, the ticket sales improved on the pace at which the festival sold out in 2012. According to reports, all member tickets (there were a set number available) sold within 90 minutes when made available for presale. All the remaining public tickets sold out in 19 minutes. Some background on the Brewers Association and the American Homerbrewers Association (AHA).  “The Brewers Association is…

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    March 2013 Featured Brewery – Inveralmond Brewery Limited

    CellarMonk’s “Featured Brewery” for the month of March is the The Inveralmond Brewery Limited, located in Perth, Scotland. History Replacing the last brewery in Perth (closed its doors in 1966), Inveralmond opened its doors in 1997. Seemingly in a constant state of growth since then, the brewery just added three new 30 barrel triple-purpose vessels (fermentation, conditioning and carbonating).  Beers Inveralmond has crafted a number of great beers making use of the naturally pure waters of the Perthshire region. Their lineup includes both classic and seasonal ales. The classic lineup starts with Independence, (a 3.8% Best Bitter) and winding through Ossian (4.1% Best Bitter), Thrappledouser (4.3% Best Bitter), Lia Fail (4.7% Premium Bitter), Sunburst (4.8% Bohemian Pilsner)…

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    The Basics of Cask Ale

    There has been an explosion in America of the introduction of cask ale offerings from craft brewers (usually local brewers).  For those uninitiated, we thought we’d put together a small primer on the basics of cask ale.  Hopefully this will help if you just happen to run across a cask ale offering at a local taproom or you happen to be traveling in the United Kingdom. Cask ale is also called cask-conditioned beer (very similar to bottle conditioning of beer). It is unpasteurized, unfiltered beer which is served from the same cask in which it was conditioned including secondary fermentation. This secondary fermentation in the cask is where the beer…

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    Featured Brewery

    November 2012 Featured Brewery – Moylan’s Brewing Company

    CellarMonk’s “Featured Brewery” for the month of November is Moylan’s Brewing Company, located in Novato, California.  History In 1995 Moylan’s Brewing Co. opened at Rowland Plaza.  Moylan’s Brewery & Restaurant, Novato’s only brewpub, was a $3.5 million project that has established a strong following among North Marin’s beer connoisseurs.  By constructing the brewpub in an empty lot, Moylan’s was able to increase efficiency and productivity, while still leaving room for expansion as the establishment’s popularity grew. The location at Rowland Plaza was chosen because it provided good freeway visibility and might attract a greater number of customers from the nearby theatre and corporate offices.  Brendan Moylan first got the brewing bug…

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    3rd Annual Piedmont Brewer’s Cup

    American Brewmaster is proud to announce their 3rd Annual Piedmont Brewer’s Cup on Saturday, October 20th 2012! The Piedmont Brewer’s Cup is a BJCP/AHA sanctioned homebrew competition that puts homebrewers from NC, SC, GA, VA, MD, & TN against each other in a competition to win the right to claim their place on the Piedmont Brewer’s Cup. The 1st Place Best of Show winner will receive the following: ·         Their recipe remade into a brewing kit for sale at the shop. They will be paid a portion of the profits throughout 2013·         Another portion will go to benefit Pints for Prostates throughout 2013·         They will get the…

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    My Local

    {xtypo_dropcap}T{/xtypo_dropcap}he term “Local” refers to a pub, formally public house, a drinking establishment fundamental to the culture of Britain, Ireland, Australia, Newfoundland, and New Zealand. In many places, especially in villages, a pub can be the focal point of the community. This writer sees nothing wrong with branding a soon to open brewery and taproom in his American town as his “local”.  At Noon on September 15th, the White Street Brewing Company in Wake Forest, North Carolina, will open its doors and dispense their first beer to a paying customer (it might even be me). I have watched as an idea has gone from napkin sketches to a fully functioning brewery.  I have been privy to designs, I have watched…