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    A Visit To Bhramari Brewing Company

    I recently had the opportunity to stop in at Bhramari Brewing Company during a recent visit to Asheville, North Carolina while my daughter worked at a wedding in town.  I would have to say that I quite enjoyed myself. Saturday afternoon, taproom not too busy (but I could see it becoming very busy later in the day). The building itself it quite large and broken into different seating sections. Plenty of seating is available around the taps as well as there being a quite large patio and another section the encompasses another corner of the bulding. The brewery’s beer selection was quite extensive and there were also other alcoholic options (mixed drinks)…

  • Euston Tap

    Luckily Lost in London

    It was a dark and stormy night…as it usually is in London in late February.   There we were, one floor deep in the London Underground, with nothing but our thirst, a day pass and some pounds. A shot rang out…No, no, that was a taxi backfiring.  Standing outside the Euston Tube stop, wondering if we would ever be able to find a pub before closing time. ________________ Our journey had started much earlier (actually about three weeks earlier when the author had asked the #beer Twitterverse for suggestions on can’t miss pub stops in London and vicinity). The name Euston Tap seemed to be at the top of everyones list of…