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    Beer Glassware

    Welcome to CellarMonks beer glassware information page. What’s so important about beer glassware? Well, to some, nothing. Where for others, the right glassware will make the difference between just drinking the beer and experiencing the beer. As beer has evolved over the ages, so has the vessels that it is served in. Where once it was drank from earthen pots, now individuals are designing new age glassware they hope will express every flavor and aroma brewed into their beer.Though there are no laws dictating the correct glassware to use with a specific beer or beer style, if you want to experience the beer in the way in which its brewer…

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    Homebrew Helpers – Wheel of

      The Beer Flavor Wheel, designed in the 1970’s by Chemist Dr Morten Meilgaard. It was subsequently jointly adopted as the flavor analysis standard by the European Brewery Convention, the American Society of Brewing Chemists, and the Master Brewers Association of the Americas.    Note that one side of the wheel denotes mainly aroma, while another section concentrates on taste.  

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    How To Plan A Beer Drinking Trip

    Planning and enjoying a trip with friends that centers around finding new and interesting beers and new and interesting places can be great fun.  Whether in the Unites State or worldwide, with the proper planning, you can enjoy your friends, the beers and the new unique places that you find along the way. Get some friends.  Kidding aside, make sure that the individuals that you travel with are of a like spirit.  It’s no fun going on a beer drinking adventure with someone that prefers wine (and let’s you know). Decide on a destination and plan ahead.  If this trip is to somewhere somewhat local to you (another state if…

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    Cloning Your Favorite Beer

    By John Federal There are many beers out there but there are only a few that when drank, envoke a feeling of euphoria. It it those beers that we as brewers sometimes wish to recreate. But how, when their recipes can be such closely guarded secrets? Here are some suggestions that may help give you direction, but there are some easily pieces of information that you must first gather to become more accurate in your recipe formulation. 1. Check the brewery’s website for the beer you wish to make. Look for important formulation numbers like the SG or OG, SRM, ABV, any sensory descriptions giving details to malts, hops, and…

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    Brew Journey

    Welcome to CellarMonk – Beer’s Home-Brew Pages All of us start our journey into the world of home-brewing with a little trepidation.  We hope this section will help take some of the fear out of your brewing experiences. When this author brewed his first batch of extract brew, he didn’t stir quick enough when it was time to put the extract in.  Scorch-a-rooney.  That’s what we want to help people avoid.  We have some unique sections here to help on the journey from novice to accomplished.  More will be added as the collective knowledge-base grows. You’ll find something interesting, we hope, in the following sections: Brew Foodie – CellarMonk’s food…