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    Brew Chants Rules

    Sticky ThreadsIn some boards there are sticky threads. These threads contain helpful tips and rules for this board. Please read these threads thoroughly. Posting a New ThreadBy posting a new thread please make sure that your thread has an appropriate subject line and will be posted in the most appropriate place. Avoid double postings. Check that your question has not been answered anywhere else on the site. Use the search feature. Please check before posting a new thread that there is not yet a post with the same topic. In this case please add your question as new post in this thread. Required Content of ThreadsPlease keep threads on track. …

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    Brews Traveler

    Spend time traveling in search of the most unique beers?  Attend multiple beer festivals in a year?  Go to beer competitions?This section is dedicated to you. Here we hope you will find what you need to make your traveling easier or a place to jot down some notes about your experience. This section includes: Beerectory Assistance – Think of it as the Yellow Pages® for the yellow stuff (and amber and brown and ruby, etc.).  Whether you are looking for a Bar or a Pub or a home brew shop, this is the place to find them.  Each listing will have all the information you need.  Please let us know…

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    Beerectory Assistance

    We at CellarMonk want to make this site as global as we can.  Some of us have traveled the world in search of the best beer, most unique pub or brewery or just to get lousy drunk with some friends in a foriegn country (or state for that matter). We aim to make this section the one where you can experience a little bit of the world flavor of beer and brewing without ever leaving the house. To help us accomplish this, have the following items to use: Beerectory Assistance™– Think of it as the Yellow Pages® for the yellow stuff (and amber and brown and ruby, etc.).  Whether you…

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    Brew Ha Ha

    Don’t think there is too much explanation needed here. So crack open a cold on and get your chuckle on. Hopefully you’ll find something funny in one of the following sections: Brew Humor – Pretty straightforward.  Jokes, comics or anything else we find that might help make that brew come shooting out of your nose.  Time Wasters – Stuff to keep you amused.  Games, puzzles, etc.  Brew Polls – Here you’ll find a list of the latest polls and their results.  We will endeavor to keep the polls relevant, but sometimes it may stray a little to the wacky side. Brewmercials – Coming Soon.  Think you’ve seen them all.  Well,…

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    Brew Spots Reviews

      Right now this section only contains Breweries.  In the future, you will be able to find many of the following linked in this section.  We will also be devising different overview maps of the different establishment listed on CellarMonk’s Beerectory Assistance section. The following are the different types of establisments found in Beerectory Assistance:   Brewery & Pub (Brewpub) Bar or Pub Taphouse Beer Hall Brewery Restaurant Homebrew Haven Grab and Go  

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    Brew Reviews & Ratings

    Brew Reviews & Ratings What it’s all about. These are the Brew Reviews.  This section is dedicated to the User reviewing and rating of beer, plain and simple. All of the categories defined in the “Brew Ratings & Review” area adhere to the style guidlines** set forth by the BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program).  Organized into ther respective sections, you’ll be able to search through any of the categories defined by the BJCP (including Cider & Perry). We at CellarMonk set up our review system to mimic one of the more popular criteria systems for judging beer.  Rating and reviewing beer is assessing and evaluating beer using a point system.…

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    Brew News

      Hear Ye, Hear Ye.  Find your brew news right here. Not much explaining to do here.  We will be trying to provide the most up to date news and information we can get our hands on. Right now the news is broken down into three sections: Brew Interviews – Informal, but informative interviews with homebrewers, Brewmasters and beer industry professionals.Brewing Industry News – General industry news.  Boring stuff like mergers, closings, new sin taxes on alcohol, etc.  Brew News – News more closely related to individual breweries and their happenings.  End or runs, new brewmasters, special bottles, etc. Brew Releases – Just like new releases for the movies.  This…