Elixir Sevy Saison

Elixir Sevy Saison

Beer Information

Serving types:
  • On Tap
Best Served in:
Pint (Nonic or Tumbler)
Shelf Life
Up to 6 months
Alcohol by Volume (ABV):
Brewer special edition, Commerative, festival, etc

Product Notes

Sevy Saison is a unique take on the classic Belgian summer style. Originally brewed by Sevarity in an 8L pot on the stove, this beer is a light, earthy mix of hemp, hops and Belgian yeast. Brewed with a selection of specialty malts and a sprinkling of Northern Brewer mash hops. 5kg of hemp seeds were then added with a further 5 additions of spicy Cascade and Kazbek hops.

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