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Interviews dedicated to finding out what make the commercial brewing business run.

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    Our Interviews with the Industry

    Our Interviews with the Industry The craft beer world has exploded in the last fifteen years to become something almost unrecognizable. Where once a city may have had one or two breweries, many now have ten to twenty. Some of these are of course brewpubs, yet a vast number are production breweries brewing for the retail market. WIth his explosion in breweries comes a host of new positions withing the craft beer industry. From cellarman to sales rep, brewery fabrication to publican, the industry is creating jobs at a frantic pace. We here at CellarMonk want to get to know the less glamourous jobs out there. Head Brewers and brewmasters…

  • Daniel Bart

    Interview with the Industry – Hungarian Micro Manager

    {xtypo_dropcap}H{/xtypo_dropcap}ello good people of the internet. We bring to you today another of our interviews with industry professionals. This time we could not get this person to sit in the Comfy Computer Chair of Fame, so he did his interview from the park bench of fest (you’ll understand).  Today we also have two firsts. First is the fact that the interview was not conducted by TheCellarMonk, but by user GrafStout (TheCellarMonks brother). Second is the fact that this is not a written interview, but one conducted in person at the interviewees own festival. The interview is a talk with Daniel Bart, organizer of Főzdefeszt. Főzdefeszt is Hungary’s largest microbrew beer festival…

  • Matt and Karen

    Interview with the Industry – An Evening Star

    {xtypo_dropcap}A{/xtypo_dropcap} first here at CellarMonk Beer. In our entire interview collection we had yet to interview someone from the serving end of the beer lifecycle. Well, we can cross that off the list now. We were lucky enough to get a Publican (for Americans that is someone who runs a pub, not a political party) to sit in the Comfy Computer Chair of Fame and tell us about his experiences running a pub. So please welcome to CellarMonk, our first publican, Mr. Matt Wickham. Name of the Pub: The Evening Star (A Dark Star Pub) Name(s) of the publicans: Matt and Karen Wickham (Matt and his various beer ramblings can be found…

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    Interview with the Industry – Belgian Bio Brewer

    Like most breweries, Brasserie de Brunehaut has their stable of standard beers (by Belgian standards). These include a blonde, a dark and a tripel all brewed under the Abbeye St. Martin banner. What is setting Brunehaut apart is their additon of a completely organic line of beers. The brewery grows its own barley and wheat and in a nod to the green movement, packages some of their wares in recyclable kegs. We had to the opportunity to interview the man in charge of it all, Mr. Marc-Antoine De Mees (Director of Brewing and CEO of Brunehaut), about his thoughts on the brewery and the brewing industry in general. So, from the…