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A very abridged version of what is happening today in Edinburgh, Scotland to a friend of CellarMonks – The Elixir Brew Co.

It seems that a regional brewer, Everards Brewery Ltd, has sent Elixir a cease & desist letter brandishing trademark of the term “Elixir”.  Everards has produced one beer that was termed “elixir”. This was produced as a summer cask special. As of this writing, the company’s own website makes no mention of that beer.

The owners and brewers of Elixir are hardworking, gracious people just trying to produce unique one-off beers for the enjoyment of those in and around Edinburgh. They are no threat commercially to Everards, yet are looking at having to shut down (possibly) as of Friday, March 7th in order to comply with the C&D.

What You Can Do

Jump on Twitter, do a search on #SaveElixirBrewCo and keep up to date on what is happening. 

Head over to Everards Brewery’s Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/everards} and let them know what you think.

Just keep spreading the word in general. 


There are already more than 30 beers with “elixir” in their name (according to another beer review website).


We will be updating this article should we receive any more information. Stay tuned.

Update: For a detailed description of what is happening please read The BeerCast – Everards to trademark Elixir Brewing Co out of existence

Update: A statement from Everards Brewery’s Facebook Page:


We have received some messages regarding our trademarked beer ‘Elixir’. We would like to state that there is not a deadline of Friday for removal of any rival products, pending the outcome of discussions with the brewer in question. Like many breweries we trademark our beers to ensure that customers can buy our beers with confidence, knowing they are the genuine article and to avoid any confusion.

Update: A statement from Everards Brewery’s Facebook Page @ 8:37PM:

Thanks for your comments. Trademarking is a standard business practice that we will continue to use, however the team at Everards have reflected on this particular case. We have decided that, as the name refers to the company rather than the beer, we will not pursue this any further. We are passionate about ale and support other brewers – this is demonstrated by our Project William work. We usually handle such issues directly between breweries but were keen to update immediately.

Update: Twitter