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    Our Review Methodology

    Our review methodology here at CellarMonk is pretty simple. Review the beer like you are judging it, because in reality, that is what you are doing. The more thought you put into a review (the more you take away from your tasting experience), the better it is for both your own “beer knowledge” growth and for the edification of the CellarMonk beer community at large. We at CellarMonk want to provide the user with all the tools necessary to enjoy their beer at hand. To this end, we have put a lot of work into how you can interact with our review system. Below is an image of the first…

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    Advertise With Us!   Would you like to be a sponsor of Cellarmonk : Beer? We offer a variety of advertising options. Ads are sold in one month blocks, but we offer discounts for both six-month and 12-month plans. Please contact us for specifics regarding pricing and availability. Site Donations Would you like to donate to CellarMonk~ Beer? Your contributions go towards keeping our site up and running! Payments are secure through Paypal: Ad Placement Available ad space is up to the discretion of CellarMonk.   We would like to keep clutter to a minimum so as to make for a less intrusive experience.We are willing to work with advertiser on placement and…