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Tis the Season for Multipacks

{xtypo_dropcap}T{/xtypo_dropcap}is the season. The holiday season you ask. No, tis the season for the brewery 12beersmultipack. From Saranac to Sam Adams, multipacks/variety packs will abound at your local beer store or grocery store.
We’d like to know what the beer drinking public thinks about them and how willing you might be to try one out.
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I’ve tried them and don’t like them||I’ve tried them and think they’re OK||I still have 11 bottles of beer in the pack (from a year ago)||I am on my way to get one soon||I am part of the way through this years pack already||I’m on my second one this fall already
sam-adams-winter-classicsNow, if you had your dream multipack (packaged and sold through beer and grocery stores), what would it be? Lets just make believe that multiple brewers would get together and create these packs with their best offerings.
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Imperial Stout Multipack||Sour Multipack||Superhop Multipack||Belgian Ale Multipack||Big German Multipack||Barleywine Multipack||English Ales Multipack||Worlds Best – Top 10
If you would, join and comment on your favorite multipack (variety). It would help us make a definitive listing of them. Thanks
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