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It’s in the Water

stream{xtypo_dropcap}W{/xtypo_dropcap}ater, without it life as we know it would not have come to be. As important as water is to life, it is way more important to the brewing of beer (yes, that’s a joke). A human can go without water for several days, but let’s see someone brew beer without it. 

After a lively Twitter discussion on water, we wanted to try and find out what the brewing community’s thoughs might be. This is a completely unscientific poll (besides, I drank my test subject) so have at it. I will leave the comment open if you would like to add anything (moderated, so it will not be immediate).

How important is the brewing water?  

NOTE: Mouse (fingermove) over each item to vote.  

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Creatively adjust to local water that is available by altering recipe composition||
Use purchased spring/distilled water to brew with||
Use zeroed out (filtered) water with no additions||
Use zeroed out (filtered) water and add to match style specs (Burton, Pilsn)||
Use zeroed out (filtered) water and try new things with its make-up||
Use well water but test the water continuously for composition and adjust if needed||
We only use runoff from pristine glacial streams||
Just heat water and brew with it, I have no time for worrying about it||
I just drink the beer, I don’t care about the water.||

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