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It Keeps Me Warm

stbernarusAs fall rounds the corner into winter for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere it is time to break out the larger coats, larger gloves and of course the larger beers. I speak of course of the high gravity beers. Whether sitting by the fire with your favorite Belgian Quad (St Bernardus Abt12 if you must know), a snifter of barleywine or pint of Imperial Stout, there is something there to keep the beer drinker warm. 
Let us know what keeps beer will be keeping you warm this winter. 

NOTE: Mouse (fingermove) over each item to vote. Voting is open until 12/24. Once you have voted, let us know what your favorite winter beer is in the comments!

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I don’t like high gravity beer||
Belgian (Quad, Tripel, Strong Dark)||
Imperial (Stout, IPA, Porter, etc)||
Old Ale||
Scotch Ale/Wee Heavy||
Winter Speciality Ales||
All of the above…{/minipolls}

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