Four Quarters Brewing

Four Quarters Brewing


150 West Canal St
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  • Microbrewery
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(802) 391-9120
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Four Quarters Brewing, founded in March 2014, is a 10 barrel brewery located in Winooski VT specializing in sours, stouts, and hoppy beers.

Four Quarters embodies the cycle of life that each ingredient makes on its way to your glass. A seed is carefully planted and nurtured, growing with the energy of the sun, Earth, wind, and rain. Its fruits are harvested, later the seeds, and the cycle of life starts again. Our logo, the moon phases, encapsulates this cycle, present in every living thing. When we create, we are celebrating the Earth and everything that grows within.

It is our hope, that by thoughtfully crafting each and every beer with this cycle in mind, we can pass to our drinker, not just a glass of delicious brew, but our passion, our love, and our thankfulness, for all things in our natural world. If you’re ever in Vermont, we’d love to have you come visit our taproom.

We also distribute our beer throughout Vermont, Maine, and eastern Massachusetts.

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