Birrificio Del Ducato VIÆMILIA

Birrificio Del Ducato VIÆMILIA

Beer Information

Best Served in:
Footed Pilsner
Best Serving Temperature:
42.8 to 46.4° F
Best Cellaring Temp:
35.6 to 39.2° F
Alcohol by Volume (ABV):
Available Year-round
Still Brewed:

Goes Best WIth

Goes Best With (Cheese)

Product Notes

Bottom-fermenting beer inspired by the best Pils, a pale yellow color is characterized by floral and herbaceous aromas (data copious use of hops flower Variety Tettnanger Tettnang, selected directly from us during the harvest in Germany), reminiscent of honey acacia and a pronounced bitterness. Balanced and elegant, simple and satisfying: there is always room for you.

The VIÆMILIA was the first beer that we have produced, is a bit 'our flag as it is also the one that produces more. Although it seems a simple "beer," his work is perhaps the longest and delicate passes at least six weeks in the basement: one week for primary fermentation and over four weeks of aging at 3 ° C. During lagering (cold maturation) takes place a series of reactions that allow the refinement of green beer, this time interval are added to the precious flower hops that every year in the early days of September, let's select directly from the farmers of Tettnang (a small town in southern Germany is famous for the extraordinary quality of its aroma hops). It is through this practice (called dry-hopping) that expresses his VIÆMILIA floral and herbaceous. This beer is dedicated to our land, oppressed by dense fog in winter and scorched by the pitiless sun in summer afternoons, the verses of a poet Bologna helped me to describe the image of a languid day in June.

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