Interview with a Brewmaster

Interview with a Brewmaster – Texas Transplant

The latest in our interview series has brought old world brewing and craftsmanship to the north Texas countryside. A stickler for the German beer Purity law, this latest brewmaster is making what is familiar to him in the way it was taugh and expected in the land where he learned his craft. Please welcome, from McKinney, Texas, Brewmaster Dennis Wehrmann of the Franconia Brewing Company.

DennisWhermannName(s):  Dennis Wehrmann

Brewery Name:  Franconia Brewing Company

When did the brewery start? In Texas, February 2008 (in Germany around 1800, not currently open)

How long have you beer brewmaster there? Since our openning

Any type of formal training in brewing science or art? If not, how did you learn the craft?

From family Business in Germany, Brewing school Karlstadt (Germany), 2 year Master and Diploma Degree in Beer Science from Doemens Akademie in Greafelfing (by Munich, Germany)

If you will, a brief history of your brewing experience (where have you brewed)?

Franken Breu, Dreykorn Breu, Neumarkter Lammsbreu, Altstadthof Brauerei, Two Rows Brewery

How large is the brewery your currently brew for (# of barrels)?

25BBL System

Is it automated or is there a lot of exercise involved in your brewery’s operation?

I`m the owner and split the workout with my guys.

Are you responsible for giving the brewery tours? If so, what would you like the tour guests NOT to do?

Yes I am. Drink and Drive. (always drink responsibly)

Ever had a bad batch? If so, how long did it take you to figure out what caused it?


Do you get to name the brews or is it done by committee or dictatorship?

We keep it simple and name the beer after what it is. Not any fancy names where people don`t know what they actually get.

What are your favorite styles? Do you get to work on them at your current brewery?brewmaster

Hefeweizen and everything thats Beer

Please describe the weirdest thing you have ever put in beer (while brewing).

Nothing weird at our place. Strict German purity law. Water malt yeast Hops

Do you or your brewery attend the large beer gatherings (i.e. Great American Beer Festival, Zythos, etc.)?


Any awards?

No (our award is beeing able to live our dream)

Any advice for those aspiring (kitchen) brewmasters out there?

Keep Brewing it up and while doing so Drink a Franconia (cheers my friends)

Any final thoughts?

Keep the Beer clean and to his nature. Support your locals and think about the environment by doing so. “Clean nature means clean Beer”

Dennis Wehrmann
(Brewmaster & President)

Franconia Brewing Company LLC
Tel.(214 405 1719)

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