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It’s a Waiting Game

Foothills Sexual Chocolate, Three Floyds Dark Lord and Cigar City’s Hunahpu’s Day. These are just a few of what has grown to be a regular occasion within the world of craft beer. The explosion of craft beer coupled with the limitations of particular breweries, it is now common to see massive lines or creative schemes employed to handle the demand for these small batch collectible beers. We’d like to find out what the community is willing to accept in order to get these cherished brews. 

NOTE: Mouse (fingermove) over each item to vote. Voting is still open.

{minipolls use_percent=”1″ id=”waitinggame” title=”I’m willing to wait…”  }

No more than 1 hour||
1 to 3 hours||
3 to 6 hours||
An entire workday||
As long as it takes||
If I have to wait, I don’t want it…{/minipolls}