beerstein orn
Beer Glassware

Ornamental Stein

beerstein ornTypically ceramic or porcelain, though they can be made from silver, pewter, earthenware and even wood, these glasses are the art pieces of the beer world. Coming in multiple sizes (.5L (halb) or 1L (mass) are the most common), steins can reach multilitre proportions. Steins differentiate themselves from mugs or seidels due to thier unique closure and of course their sometimes ornate designs.The closure on a stein dates back to the 14th century. It was around this time that many swarms of insects plagued Europe. So as to keep their beverages safe from these flying masses, glassware designers added (as required by some German laws), a lid with a hinge and a thumblift. This closure was easy to operate and did not inhibit the drinking of the beer, but at the same time kept the beer safe from insects, trees leaves and anything else carried on the wind.

Highlights: Collectable. Can be large volume. Beer protection.