Boston Breweries (South Africa)

Boston Breweries (South Africa)
Boston Breweries (South Africa)


48 Carlisle Street
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Type of Brewery
  • Commercial Brewery
Brewmaster / Head Brewer:
Chris Barnard
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+27 21 511 4179
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+27 21 510 4759
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Not sure
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Brewery Notes

Chief Brewer, Chris Barnard...

"The best part of my job is that I get to taste test each batch myself"

As a young man, Chris Barnard, founder of Boston Breweries was curious to discover more of the world and see what lay beyond his African home. Having completed his training in computer studies, at age 21, he explored Europe where he tasted and enjoyed many different styles of beer - from a German Dark Weizen to Greek lagers.

When he eventually returned home to Cape Town, he was disappointed to find that his local beer drinking options did not live up to the flavoursome tastes he was accustomed to. Not one to accept things as they are, Chris gradually began experimenting with the brewing process and a few years later, after a fact-finding tour to Southern Germany, Chris purchased a 100 litre system and Brewing began to take place. It did not take long before demand exceeded his 100 litre capacity. It was at this stage that his dream of building a viable brewery became a reality.

In September 2000, Boston Breweries was registered officially. It had a brewing capacity of 8000 litres a month. The lager was so popular that by the end of the first year, the production capacity was doubled. At present, having followed a policy of controlled, gradual expansion, Boston Breweries can produce 32000 litres per month.

"The key to our continued growth and success lies in a superbly enjoyable, hand-made product, loyal customers and our highly service orientated approach", says Chris. Still today, each batch is personally checked and tasted by its founder and equipment maintenance at restaurants and pubs is carried out rigorously to schedule.

All Boston Breweries products are naturally brewed using malted barley, water, yeast and hops.

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