Nook's Yard Cheshire Perry

Nook's Yard Cheshire Perry

Cider - Perry Information

Served From
  • 500ml bottles
Best Served In
Pint Glass
Alcohol By Volume (ABV)

As far as we know, the only perry made in Cheshire from local pears.

This is a traditional perry, so don’t expect it to taste like commercially produced, sweetened, fizzy “pear ciders”. Its overall flavour is more akin to traditional ciders with soft tannins. It is classed as dry, with all the sugar having fermented to alcohol, however, there is still a hint of the sweeter aroma of pears.

Given the late frosts and poor summer, the traditional pear orchards suffered in 2012. This means our perry is in very limited supply and will only be available bottled this year, not draught.

As with most traditional perries, this one's slightly cloudy - but then it usually is in Cheshire!

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