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We buy exceptionally good beer from small European breweries. We work with some fantastic logistics people to guarantee it’s delivered to you in top condition. We support you to ensure that each pint you serve to your customers is perfect.
It all began in Prague, Czech Republic, where we experienced the joy of drinking flavourful, traditionally-brewed lagers and special beers from small Czech breweries. The fantastic beers in this region, often both refreshing and complex in taste, are something every beer drinker should have the chance to try.
With the UK having an impressive beer culture of its own – but a lack of impressive lager beers available - setting up our company in London and bringing these beers to British drinkers was the natural thing to do. 
Now, the very best Czech and German beers are available alongside Britain’s excellent ales. 
Our beers show just how good the quality of Pilsner-style lager can be. At the moment, there’s a widespread perception that this is an inferior beer type - and we’re committed to changing that.
Even though Big Beer might wish we’d forget, there are some fantastic lagers being made by smaller brewers on the continent; pale lagers that are complex in taste and authentic, made with care and tradition. And we’re determined to bring them to you. Never before have the words “I’ll have a lager” brought UK drinkers anything so delicious!
To complete our top-quality selection, we track down the most interesting special seasonal brews, along with darker lagers and ales.
Whether it’s been brewed to a recipe passed down through the generations, or created by some of the most inventive and respected brewers in Europe, we’ll find it and deliver it to you. All so that you can wow your customers with a range of the most impressive beers available in the UK today.

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