Country of Origin

Country of Origin


A beer/two beers, please. 
Ein Bier/zwei Bier, bitte. (ighn beer/tsvigh beer, BIT-tuh)
A little/big beer, please. 
Ein kleines/großes Bier, bitte. (ighn KLIGH-ness/GROH-sess beer, BIT-tuh)
Half a liter, please. (of beer) 
Eine Halbe, bitte. (IGH-nuh HAHL-buh, BIT-tuh)
A bottle, please. 
Eine Flasche, bitte. (IGH-nuh FLAH-shuh, BIT-tuh)
One more, please. 
Noch einen(m)/eine(f)/eins(n), bitte. (nokh IGH-nen/IGH-nuh/IGHNS, BIT-tuh)
Another round, please. 
Noch eine Runde, bitte. (nokh IGH-nuh ROON-duh, BIT-tuh)
Good to know Phrases:
Where is the toilet, please? 
Wo ist die Toilette, bitte? (voh eest dee twah-LET-uh BEE-tuh)
It was a misunderstanding. 
Das war ein Missverständnis. (dahs vahr ighn MEES-fayr-shtand-nees)
I am an American/Australian/British/Canadian citizen. (male) 
Ich bin amerikanischer/australischer/britischer/kanadischer Staatsbürger. (eekh been ah-may-ree-KAH-neesh-er / owss-TRAH-leesh-er / BREET-eesh-er / kah-NAH-deesh-er SHTAHTS-buur-gurr)
I am an American/Australian/British/Canadian citizen. (female)
Ich bin amerikanische/australische/britische/kanadische Staatsbürgerin (eekh been ah-may-ree-KAH-neesh-uh / owss-TRAH-leesh-uh / BREET-eesh-uh / kah-NAH-deesh-uh SHTAHTS-buur-gurr-een)
I want to talk to the American/Australian/British/Canadian embassy/consulate. 
Ich will mit der/dem amerikanischen/australischen/britischen/kanadischen Botschaft/Konsulat sprechen. (eekh veel meet dayr/dame ah-may-ree-KAHn-eesh-uhn / ows-TRAH-leesh-uhn / BREE-teesh-uhn / kah-NAH-deesh-uhn BOHT-shahft / kohn-zoo-LAHT SHPREKH-uhn)

Note: At least in Germany and Austria, you better say what kind of beer you want. There are: Export (EKS-port), known as 'Helles' (HELL-as) in Bavaria and as 'Lager' (LAH-ger) in Switzerland; Pils (pilss); Hefeweizen (HAY-fuh-vigh-tsen), known as 'Weißbier' (VIGHSS-beer) in Bavaria; dunkles Hefeweizen (DOONK-less HAY-fuh-vigh-tsen); Alt (ahlt) in the Düsseldorf region; Kölsch (koolsh) in Cologne and probably most of the other Rhineland; Bockbier (BOCK-beer) sometimes in the South of Germany. If you only say beer, you will get a Pils on most cases.