Fearless Brewing Company

Fearless Brewing Company


326 S. Broadway St.
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Brewed from the magical waters of the Clackamas River
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  • Commercial Brewery
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503-630-BEER (2337)
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What does the future hold for Fearless Brewing Company and the Johnsons? Here is what Ken has to say on the subject: “We started this place with little debt, no investors, no partners and no generous relatives. Our reluctance to assume debt has probably inhibited our growth, but we own our destiny. We have finally put together the money for the next big expansion, which should more than double our brewing capacity. We just purchased a new canning line, which has dramatically increased our canning speed.”

“We will continue to add to our line-up of beers in cans. We recently built a building just to house the cans. Every time we put a new beer in cans we have to buy about 150,000 cans, which take up a lot of space. The next time we run out of room and excess capacity we will just have to build a new brewing plant. Life could be worse!”

“We are now distributed in most areas of Oregon and Washington and our beer is now traveling to Canada. In the near future we plan to add distribution to California and Idaho, and beyond.”

The Johnsons are grateful to the community, to friends and family who provided support and elbow grease when they were trying to open, and to their wonderful customers. They feel blessed in many ways.

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