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Zebrew originated as a word game of words Zebra & Brew. Zebra is one of our favorite wild animals, which on one hand represents absolute contrast, and on the other a perfect balance, we wanted to combine traditional and modern. Officially, the name was created before a gathering of home brewers in Belgrade, where we won the third place for the best Belgian Wit. 
Hanging out and exchanging experiences with other home brewers and beer lovers, we realized that through beer we made some of our best friends.
We decided that beers we would officially produce would not be filtered or pasteurized, as well as that all beer will be bottle conditioned and cask conditioned in order for them to be completely natural. Because of this, Zebrew beer will be live product, unique and flavourful. We are aware that we have chosen the more difficult way, but from the very beginning we had an agreement that the quality will never suffer because of economic reasons. Every step of production will be done with two pairs of hands, all the way from brewing to packaging. First we will brew using semi-automatic equipment, then we will continue packaging the beer in craft paper, recycled paper, which is wrapped around the bottle.
Why Do We Need Your Help?
In order for Zebrew beer to be distributed into pubs, it is required from us to fulfil a couple of conditions. A lot of paperwork, facility adaptation, as well as equipment expansion. We wish to increase the production capacity to 250l, so that we could simultaneously brew on the 50l and 200l system. It is also important to invest in a few fermenters of 550l which will enable us with to make two consecutive batches homogeneous as possible. We need additional bottling equipment and also procurement of resources. If we raise the total amount on Indiegogo we can buy all the needed equipment! Let’s make it happen!

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