Norfolk Brewhouse

Norfolk Brewhouse


Moon Gazer Barn, Harvest Lane
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  • Microbrewery
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+44 01328 878495l
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We have a passion for great-tasting, natural beer – high in quality and rich in flavour.


Through Norfolk Brewhouse beers we want to involve others with that passion. You see, we think that beer should set out to do one simple thing - bring pleasure.


In our beer we demand premium quality, local provenance and consistency. OK, buying locally is a little bit tricky when it comes to hops. To create great flavours and to compliment our British hops, we have also selected some excellent Slovenian and German hops.


Furthermore, we see time as a key ingredient in creating a quality beer. Yes, we understand that brewing is a craft. However, it is also a science and fermentation, maturation and flavour development are all given as much time as needed to get that ‘just right’ taste.


Our demand for consistency in our Moon Gazer Ale means that you won’t find us brewing countless different beers. That said, we do appreciate and understand that people enjoy variety. That’s why we have teamed up with some like-minded brewers from the UK and abroad to allow you to enjoy their fine beers too. We will provide more details of these beers very soon.

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