Freedom Brewery Ltd

Freedom Brewery Ltd


Bagots Park
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  • Microbrewery
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+44 (0) 1283 840 721
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At Freedom, we’re the UK’s lager experts. Since we built our first brewery in London back in 1995, we’ve had a single-minded mission. It’s always been our purpose to challenge the mistaken belief – held right across Britain – that lager is just a bland, soulless drink, produced at industrial scale.

As the UK’s original craft lager brewer, we dedicate all of our passion, skill and time to creating the highest-quality lager, and we do so with sustainability firmly front of mind. We cut no corners and make no compromises, ensuring our lager is authentic, distinctive and tastes great.

Whenever you drink Freedom you’re experiencing lager at its very best. Thirst-quenching, full of flavour and rich in character.

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