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Exale Brewing


UNIT 2C, Uplands Business Park
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We (Mark and Dan) started brewing together as Hale Brewing in a shipping container outside a warehouse club in Tottenham. We like to brew experimental one-offs but equally love to make sessionable, moreish beer using the best hops but also foraged and unusual ingredients. We’ve outgrown our previous home and our new 20hl brewery will give us more consistency, quality and control, as well as allowing us to can our beer for the first time and serve it at our own taproom.


We’re huge believers in protecting the world around us, and everything we do will have one eye on the environment by reducing our impact, Our spent grain will be used for biofuel and our waste beer turned into beer soap and shampoo bars to help us and our locals cut down on plastic, and we’ll be foraging for more unusual ingredients from our local surroundings to reduce the food miles on our beer.The greenery in our taproom isn’t just for show, we grow produce for local food banks and botanicals for our beers or spirits.

Packaging is one of the main issues in brewery waste, so we use as much recycled plastic as we can and reuse most of the packaging in some way, or send it back to suppliers to reuse. Our grain bags are turned into shopping bags and our merchandise is from an ethical, sustainable sources.

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