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DAGMARBRGGERIET in Ringsted was founded in 2005 and opened in summer 2006.
The brewery brews on a complete classic English used brewing plant from ABUK. The boiler, which is from Oxford, has a capacity of 800 to 1000 liters and Dagmar Brewery aims to make three brews a month, in other words about 35,000 liters a year.

The brewery is located in an old grain store in a backyard.
The magazine is part of an old grocery store which is protected.

The brewery draws on the medieval royal history of Ringsted and its surroundings. Queen Dagmar (c.1185-1212), bohemian princess, came to Denmark in 1205 and married Valdemar Victory, who was a recognized and well-regarded king in Europe. His father Valdemar d. Great and Archbishop Absalon had the saintly named Valdemar's father, Knud Lavard. In the aftermath, Queen Dagmar has become a legend which is attributed to goodness and justice.

A folk tale tells of her illness and death "outside Ribe" and ends with "In Ringsted, which rests Queen Dagmar". She is buried in Skt. Bendt's church in Ringsted to this day.

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