Boss Brewing Company Ltd

Boss Brewing Company Ltd


14 Worcester Court, Mannesmann Place
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  • Microbrewery
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+44 07825 525 735
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We’re committed to making interesting, flavoursome, distinctive beers using world class ingredients – but that should be an absolute given of all microbreweries. We launched Boss Brewing Company wanting to achieve more and with a bold mission to create a craft beer democracy. Craft beer is and should be for the people and we’re all about creating simply stupendous beers that are truly accessible to everyone. Craft beer should never be pretentious, intimidating or perplexing. Historically, beer was drunk instead of water as a cleaner, safer option–how can we be pretentious about what was (and still is…) basically a daily necessity? We want our beers to ultimately be about having fun – drinking beer should never be taken too seriously! And we don’t want anyone to miss out on the wonderland of taste explosions out there, especially if this means they’re stuck with the tired, mass-produced, homogenous brands. Craft beer is for everyone.

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