Aarhus Bryghus

Aarhus Bryghus


Gunnar Clausensvej 26
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Type of Brewery
  • Microbrewery
Brewmaster / Head Brewer:
Niels F. Buchwald
Brewery Contact:
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Brewery Phone:
+45 8689 2040
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Groups Only, By Appointment


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Brewery Notes

Aarhus Brewery is a micro-brewery, established in September 2005. We produce hand-brewed specialty beers that will complement the range from the big brewers. These hand-brewed specialty beers are niche products that it would be uneconomical for the large breweries to make, since they are leveraged for high series. Aarhus Brewery can better work with small batches and with special ingredients or processes that the big breweries do not have the flexibility to handle.

The guiding words to describe Aarhus Brewery is Tradition and Renewal. Tradition in relation to the traditional crafts associated with the brewing of beer. These traditions have evolved differently in different countries.

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