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Brew NH

Brew NH


The Granite State

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BREW NH is a non-profit organization that promotes New Hampshire via the beer industry. We want to be your beer hub when you think about events, activities, advice and news about NH’s growing beer industry.

If Brew New Hampshire were a person, it would shop at the farmers market (but not exclusively), know the names of its neighbors and downtown merchants, and dress in sensible, attractive, non-ironic, flannel shirts.

Explore the site and reach out to us if you have feedback.

You can stay in touch with our beer community through social media, get in on the beer conversation and find out where we’re celebrating #NHBEER this week.

We’re making some more cool changes to the site and we have lots of news about the coming festival season, hot brands, and members of our community. We’re pretty kickass, if we do say so ourselves. And you know, we need each other to have conversations about beer on a state level.

Come support us by volunteering for a festival or sharing your skills for the greater effort. We love beer tourism and we’ve got a ton of interesting, high quality breweries per capita.