The Hanging Bat Beer Cafe

The Hanging Bat Beer Cafe


133 Lothian Road
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+44 0131 229 0759

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Noon to Midnight
Noon to Midnight
Noon to Midnight
Noon to Midnight
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The Hanging Bat Beer Cafe opened on the 17th of November 2012. The hard work of two bemused owners, one confused manager and a team of utterly terrified staff. All those people are still involved today (minus one chef) and we’ve picked up a couple of others along the way. We hope you like it.
When you visit The Hanging Bat you’ll have a choice of some of the best beer being made in the UK and from ‘foreign’. The term ‘best’ is subjective, so to clarify, these are what we think are the best. We have been known to be wrong. Beer wise we have 6 cask, 14 keg lines and 120+ bottles and cans.
Whilst beer is our primary focus, we also have great wines, an extensive and ever expanding gin range and a small but well thought out spirits list. We have deliberately tried to steer clear of the norm whilst ensuring quality remains high. Different for the sake of being different is just silly. We also have local (Scottish at least) cider (When Chris at Waulkmill Cider can press quickly enough to make it) and fantastic soft drinks, king amongst which is the Roots Soda range produced right here in sunny (I realise I’m pushing it now) Edinburgh.
Our food menu consists largely of BBQ food and hot dogs prepared by our chefs on our own smoker and dog griddle. The meatloaf burgers are great by the way.
We consider quality to be paramount and provenance of product important, so where possible we’ve bought from independently owned UK companies. We’ve kept things as local as possible too. Our bread comes from Au Gormand and Breadwinner, our sausages are bespoke made by Jonathan Crombie, our meat comes from Gilmours butchers, our wines and spirits are sourced by Vino Wines and we brew some of our beer on our very own pilot brewery. To compliment the booze our bar snacks largely come from our kitchen with pretzels and beer sticks bought in from Falko and John Brash butcher respectively. Our coffee comes from the absolutely awesome BrewLab Coffee House, our tea from Pekoe tea and our cakes are made by the lovely Louise.
Lastly by most importantly of all our staff are entirely dedicated to providing you with a hugely memorable experience, or at least they should be. We all have bad days so best avoid the place around Monday 3pm. We promise we won’t accidentally set fire to you, or comb your hair badly. We’re sure you’re more than capable of doing those things yourself, we know, we’ve seen you. If you would like to bring your dog do feel free, well behaved children are also allowed up to 8pm. Please do not let your children upset, manhandle, or ride the dogs.
Come and say hi and if you hate it you can always go somewhere else, we’ll even give you recommendations. We’re nice like that.
What to expect: 20 draught lines, over 120 bottles beers, BBQ food, happy staff (except on Mondays), 40+ speciality gins, the best bathroom sinks in any bar anywhere, great coffee.
What not to expect: Dancing dwarves, a piano, that noise you get when you open a new tin of tennis balls, jam of any description.

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