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Wooha Brewing Company

Wooha Brewing Company


Unit 8A1, Balmakeith Business Park
Postal Code:

Brewery Information

Brewery Motto
Get A Little Wooha Tonight!
Type of Brewery
  • Microbrewery
Brewmaster / Head Brewer:
Heather McDonald
Brewery Founded
Brewery Contact:
Brewery Website:
Brewery Facebook:
Brewery Twitter:
Brewery Instagram
Brewery Phone:
+44 (0) 1667 459 929
Tap/Tasting Room:
Not sure
Brewery Tours:
Not Sure


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Brewery Notes

WOOHA is a new micro brewery with strong ideas about how we make our traditional ales and lager – and how we want our customers to feel about drinking them. Putting modern twists on traditional brews, we take great care to ensure our bottle conditioned ales taste as good as they would from a cask.

Everything we do is based in science – respecting the ancient art of brewing and adapting it where necessary to modern hop strains and equipment.

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