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Double Barley Brewing yesterday

Cheryl and Larry opened in October 2013 with the vision of brewing high quality beers and providing a community place to gather. We are family and friend owned and operated and pride ourselves with southern hospitality.

Double Barley Steakcake Stout yesterday

SteakCake Stout is our base stout that can be enjoyed with a variety of foods. There is a battle in our family that lead to the name. Larry, the sweet tooth, prefers to pair this beer with a sweet treat. While, Cheryl, the carnivore, insists that is pairs best with a big, juicy porterhouse steak. We are confident that you will like this stout, so try it with both and decide for yourself!

Pastore Brewing and Blending 2 days ago

Pastore Brewing and Blending produce fresh and aged sour and wild beers.

The fresh series looks at accessible, fun, modern takes on mix-ferm brewing, exploring the interplay of Kveik and Lactobacillus in fruited Waterbeach Weisses and Sour IPAs.

The cellar series is built around our house (mother) culture of Brettanomyces and lactic acid bacteria. We will blend with different bases to produce an exciting range of aged wild ales, some in stainless steel and some as part of an extensive barrel program and blendery.

The team Ben and Chris Shepherd (son and father) have been brewing together for years. Chris used to brew a popular cask Belgian Dubbel under the name Kilderkin Brewery in the mid 2000's. Ben, grew up home-brewing with his father, building up a large mixed-fermentation collection before heading to Heriot-Watt to complete a master's in Brewing, writing a thesis on Brettanomyces ​fermentation.
Our brewery is housed in an industrial unit in Waterbeach, just north of Cambridge.

We have a 10bbl brewkit, a warm fermentation / conditioning room and a cold store.

Liquid State Brewing Company 2 days ago

Liquid State Brewing Company is a craft brewery and beer hall in Ithaca's West End District.

We are focused on creating high quality, small batch beers with our 20 hectoliter brewhouse. Our on-site beer hall offers our fresh ales and lagers as well as local wines, ciders and foods from around our great state and beyond. Coupled with local food trucks, as well as the opportunity to order-in from surrounding restaurants, we will bring our customers the best our community has to offer. Prost!

Neepsend Brew Co. 3 days ago

Established in 2015, we are a 10 bbl brewery based in the Neepsend area of Sheffield. Situated just up from the Ball Street bridge over the River Don which forms our logo, we share the area with a host of other makers, doers and independent businesses, as well as several other breweries.

We brew a a constantly changing range of beer in cask and ecokeg, with a focus on hop forward pales showcasing some of the best and boldest hops sourced worldwide alongside our one core beer, Neepsend Blonde.

The idea behind the brewery is simple: no hype, no hard sell, just quietly brew the kind of beer we enjoy.

Brew York 5 days ago

Located in York’s bustling city centre, just off Walmgate, Brew York is a showpiece ten barrel brewery and tap room, celebrating the best local ales.

Here at Brew York, we want to be more than just producers of great beer. Customer experience is key to our ethos and will not be limited to the beers we are pouring into glasses. With an onsite shop, visitor centre and a charming beer garden overlooking the river Foss, Brew York has everything it takes to become a hotspot social venue.
Now with the add-on location of the Beer Hall next door Brew York can boast the largest and most interesting beer, lager and cider range in the city and alongside their in-house kitchen they can produce a wide variety of food including incredible burgers to Korean style sides.

Moderation Brewing Company 2 weeks ago

Moderation Brewing is a modern establishment that hearkens back to pre-prohibition time when small breweries were the favored gathering spots in neighborhoods. Locals came at the end of a long day for freshly brewed beer, conversation, and maybe a jug of brew for the road. Politicians plied their trade with constituents here, greasing the skids of legislature with alcohol—within moderation, of course. 

We are a small, locally made and sourced brewery, created by a pair of lifelong Brunswick residents, Mattie Daughtry and Philip Welsh.

Nord Bottleshop 2 weeks ago


A bottle shop and tasting room in the heart of Whitley Bay, committed to providing our local community with high-quality beer made by the best independent breweries in the UK and beyond.

We are one of the few retailers in the UK with 100% refrigerated storage, preserving the intensity of the flavours of every beer we stock so you can enjoy them fresher for longer.

Our fridges showcase a curated range of beers from fine examples of well known styles to those that push boundaries, take risks and pack a punch, while our seating area is the perfect space to relax with your favourite pour or discover something new.

Melissa Cole 3 weeks ago

Melissa Cole’s passion is life is getting people to learn as little, or as much, as they want about what she considers the finest social lubricant known to humankind - beer.

Respected the world over for her fine palate, she is invited to judge at competitions in New Zealand, the US and Brazil, as well as closer to home in the UK and across Europe.

Aware of the impact this can have on the future prosperity of breweries she has also spent years educating herself about how to properly assess beer, partly through achieving her Certified Cicerone© but also about the brewing process, by getting her hands dirty making collaboration beers with breweries across the globe, like Fuller's, Odell, St Austell, Thornbridge, Rooster's, Ilkley, Anspach & Hobday, New Holland and Brasserie de la Senne to name but a few.

Melissa’s other passion is food and she is recognised as probably the UK’s leading expert in pairing, and cooking with, beer having spent years dedicated to figuring out which beers work in which dishes and why (which she regularly calls ‘making a whole series of disgusting mistakes, so you don’t have to’).

September 2017 saw the launch of her second book, The Little Book of Craft Beer*, which keeps true to her passion for simple beer communication that neither baffles nor patronises the audience, as Melissa just wants people to enjoy beer as much as she does... which is a lot!

*Published by Hardie Grant, which is a company full of people who are a joy to work with.

White Street Brewers Guild 3 weeks ago

We are the White Street Brewer's Guild. A group of folks passionate about craft beer, homebrewing, and the community that surrounds them. We want to promote the art, hobby, and science of homebrewing through sharing knowledge, techniques, and experience. We are graciously hosted every month by the White Street Brewing Company (WSBC) in Wake Forest, NC. We are open to anyone interested in learning about this craft as long as you are of legal drinking age. On this FB group you can leave your thoughts, post your pictures, or find out what the Guild is doing next. Cheers and hoppy brewing!


Chalonda White - Afro Beer Chick 3 weeks ago

Drinking My Way Through Life One Awesome Beer At A Time.


Chalonda is a lover of life and all of the madness that comes with it. After being introduced to craft beer in 2009, she briefly sat as a local chapter President of Girls Pint Out in Chicago. You can catch her around the Chicagoland area at various events, just look for the chick with a kick ass afro with a beer in her hand.

Allen Huerta 3 weeks ago

Lazy Homebrewer, Beer Enthusiast, Whiskey, Certified Cicerone®, Certified BJCP Judge, Paramedic, Wish European Beer Followed Me, Living the Two Wheeled Life.

Lisa Grimm 4 weeks ago

I write about beer, beer history, horse racing and (very occasionally) other exciting and totally-not-arcane topics.  I don’t do it for free (beyond my own blogs – I got sick of doing The Examiner as the time vs pay calculation wasn’t great there) unless it’s a Very Special Favor, but you are, of course, most welcome to read for free.  I’m usually too busy to take on more writing (which I can make ludicriously SEO-friendly when desired), but if you’ve got something that sounds like it might be a good fit, don’t hesitate to get in touch.  Alternatively, read an interview with me (unless you prefer something more audiovisual – that’s here, too, or a much older one here), then let’s chat!

Dreaming Creek Brewery 4 weeks ago

A craft brewery located in the heart of Daniel Boone's frontier. We are in the process of loan finalization and will start remodeling soon!

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