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Bowling Green Beer Works 19 hours 58 minutes ago

Bowling Green Beer Works is Bowling Green Ohio's First Nano brewery. Small batch, hand crafted Beer, Cider, Wine and Cold-Brew Coffee made on sight.

2 Tones Brewing Co. 20 hours 11 minutes ago

Based in Columbus, 2 Tones Brewing Co. was started by 2 Tonys: McKeivier and Hill. They specialize in hoppy offerings, but strive to please any palate.

We named our brewery after it’s location. Nautically we are 13 miles from downtown Cincinnati, and as we are down river hence the below. Come on down to 13 Below to celebrate with friends, find new craft beers you’ll love, and even take your kids and pets! All are welcome at 13 Below Brewery.

Missing Links Brewery yesterday

Just a couple dudes making good beer ?

Butler Brew Works yesterday

A brewery five years in the making, but we assure you it is worth the wait.  Butler Brew Works is the culmination of years of blood, sweat and beers, based on the vision of 3 long time friends and home brewers.

We’re out to change the perception of what good beer is and to bring an exciting craft beer destination to the people of Butler by producing an ever-changing variety of adventurous ales.  So stop on by and join us, we can’t wait to serve them to you.

Reclamation Brewing Company yesterday

Too frequently, the beer culture gets a bum rap. Although we’ve made some progress, we haven't yet fully recovered from the negative light that was cast upon us during the era of Prohibition. We’re striving to educate people about beer and its history. We want to help elevate the beer culture above the idea that beer drinking is only at home in some seedy subculture and continue to move it where it belongs - as part of the normal course of life. Along with other craft brewers, we are seeking to reclaim beer drinking from the idea that it has to be a bland, boring, tasteless experience. We’re committed to the idea that beer should be good and a pleasure to drink.

Recon Brewing Braver Wee yesterday

A Scotch Ale that is full-bodied and malty. Low hop bitterness and sweet caramel notes round out this traditional take on a Scottish Ale, also known as a "Wee-Heavy". Medium dark brown in color.

Recon Brewing yesterday

You may be asking what’s with the name Recon? Well, let us explain…as many of you know Butler is the birthplace of the “jeep” vehicle. What many of you may not know is that the first “jeep” prototype was called the Bantam Reconnaissance Car (BRC). We want to capture the essence of Butler in everything we do and what better way than to have our name be a tribute to such an important part of our history. So there you have it, Butler is the birthplace of the Bantam Reconnaissance Car and now, Recon Brewing.

Recon Brewing was established in February 2016 by 3 friends, all born and raised in Butler that met through the fire service in Butler Township. Toby Wehr, Dave Bestwick, and Nate Bacher set out on a mission to start a brewery that would focus on high quality, yet simple beers that will become known for their drinkability and value. We searched the area far and wide for a suitable location that would set the perfect stage for the type of brewery that we envisioned. We are now happy to say that we found the perfect home on N. Main St Ext in Center Twp. With a combined volunteer history of over 70 years of service, we have dedicated our lives to volunteering and working for our community and we strive to continue to give back to the Butler area.

Our “drink local” mentality means more to us than just our beer and has led us to seek locally for materials, supplies, equipment, and even design. Our logo and artwork has been designed by Butler native artist, and long-time friend, Jack Laughner and our custom brewing equipment will be manufactured only an hour away.

Our dream is that Recon Brewing is a relaxed atmosphere that invites all walks of life to come spend their day or evening with us and share a pint. It is a dream in the process of becoming a reality.


Athletic Brewing Co. yesterday

At Athletic Brewing, we are pioneering a craft beer revolution. We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your ability to be healthy, active, and at your best to enjoy great beer - so we created our innovative lineup of refreshing, non-alcoholic beers.

Nickel Brook Brewing Co. 3 days ago

Since 2005, Nickel Brook has been a leading player in the Ontario Craft Beer industry. We use only the finest, natural ingredients from all over the world, and produce small batches to the highest standard of quality every time. From Pale Ales and IPAs to sour and wild ales to stouts and porters, our product line is deep and diverse. Come visit us in Burlington today, or find our beers wherever exceptional beer is sold.

Harvey's Brewery 5 days ago

Britain’s second oldest brewer, still brewing on our Bridge Wharf site since 1790.... #WeWuntBeDruv

Renowned throughout the south east for our range of award-winning, traditional cask ales. These ales are unpasteurised, and are known as the champagne of beers. We believe this is achieved by selecting the finest raw materials and combining them with unique ‘local’ conditions, brewed within a traditional Brewhouse. In fact the Brewhouse is Victorian, and Grade II listed, known locally as “The Cathedral of Lewes”!

The Beerblefish Brewing Company Ltd. 5 days ago

We are a social enterprise brewery making beer in Edmonton, North London.

We have four aims:

- Provide training and mentoring to ex-forces personnel to re-skill and re-enter the workforce after military service;
- Provide material and financial support to computing-oriented youth training schemes and children’s organisations;
- Pay all members of staff at least the living wage;
- Brew fantastic beer and have fun doing it!

We offer a full range of tasty beers, from dark, mysterious stouts and porters through to lagers and hoppy pales, but our true passion is for heritage beers, which is why our core range comprises beers based on nineteenth century recipes and tasting notes. We have also branched out into spirits, creating our Limited Edition Hopped Gin in 2019.

Beerblefish Brewing is committed to keeping its beers vegan. It is not necessary to include isinglass or other animal products in our beers - these additives do not add anything to the taste of the beer and simply stop some people from being able to enjoy it.

We are also conscious of the impact of brewing on our environment and we are always looking for ways to reuse our by-products, including our spent grain and our used hops. We're always open to new ideas so please get in touch with any suggestions.

Pivovar Broumov 6 days ago

Brewery Broumov, Founded 1348

imageIn the picturesque landscape of eastern Bohemia behind the wall of Broumov rocks and in proximity of famous Adrspach sandstone rock-city we can find Olivetin. It is a part of Broumov where one of the oldest cloistral breweries in the Czech Republic was built. The brewery carries the torch of Benedictine brewery which was previously located in the Broumov monastery. Since the original monastic brewery burned down several times the church authorities decided to position a new brewery outside of the monastic enclosure. This brewery was constructed between the years 1712-1714.

Brewery Broumov was reconstructed and modernized recently. It produces a wide range of beers which are sold under the brand name ‘Olivetinsky Opat’ which means ‘Abbot from Olivetin’. Beer made here can be dark, light or special. It is a typical representative of so called ‘Czech beer’ which is characterized as ‘like bread’, with pleasant hops bitterness and bite and gold-yellow colouring. All these attributes are preferred by Czech consumers.

Rodinný pivovar BERNARD 6 days ago

Bernard je pivo, které ozdobí Vaši osobnost. A čím jste odlišnější, tím více se k Vám bude hodit. Bernard je totiž jako Vy. Neohlíží se po ostatních a vaří pivo po svém - bez pasterizace, z nejčistší vody, z vlastního sladu a kvasnic uprostřed lesem provoněné Vysočiny. Díky tomu vytváří harmonii vyvážené hořkosti, lahodné plnosti a chmelové vůně.

Bernard je oblíbeným pivem lidí, kteří si chtějí opravdu pochutnat a jdou stejně jako Bernard svou vlastní cestou. Je životním stylem, kultem...

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