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Elusive Shadow of the Beast 1 hour 50 minutes ago

Cascadian Dark Ale

Elusive Punch Out 1 hour 53 minutes ago

Hazy Pale

Elusive Spellbinder 1 hour 56 minutes ago

Elusive Sunset Rider 1 hour 59 minutes ago

Sunset Rider is our Transatlantic Pale Ale, in which we showcase one British and one American hop on a rotational basis. At 3.8% ABV it’s highly sessionable with balanced bitterness and a pronounced hop flavour and aroma.

Elusive Sphere of Destiny 2 hours 3 minutes ago

Sphere of Destiny is a session beer that we mostly package into cask. Designed to showcase a rotating single hop, the malt base sits in the background allowing the chosen hop to come to the fore. The selected hop is used at 12g/L, split evenly across whirlpool and dry-hop additions.

Elusive Overdrive 2 hours 10 minutes ago

Overdrive is a crisp and clean American Pale Ale with an assertive bitterness and aromatic and flavoursome hop profile. Two different hops are used in the whirlpool and for dry hopping.

Level Up was the beer that started it all for us. It was formerly one of Andy’s home brew recipes, hopped with Simcoe & Citra, and at a higher ABV of 5.8%. The beer was the winning entry in Craft Beer Co’s National Homebrewing Awards in 2014 and was then brewed in collaboration with Dark Star where 8800L was brewed in early 2015.

Armistice Brewing Company yesterday

Armistice Brewing Company makes the kind of beer that brings people together, whether they be friends, strangers, or even enemies. We believe that at its best, beer makes it easier to have a conversation with someone who you might not otherwise. When it's doing its best work, beer bridges differences and fosters understanding. Our public house in Richmond, CA is not far from the Kaiser shipyards, where Rosie's of all colors and backgrounds collaborated to build the ships that would bring World War II to a close. We like to think that we're brewing beer with the same spirit of peace and collaboration, and we invite everyone to come enjoy a pint with us.

We decided to go small and open our own taproom because we want to ensure that our beer is served the way it was intended -- at peak freshness, right from the source, and in the kind of variety that we appreciate. We brew in very small batches, which allows us to experiment with ingredients that are both cutting edge and traditional, and because our taps turn-over fast, we'll always have something new for you to try. As homebrewers, we've won many awards for a diverse range of styles, and we'll continue to brew with that kind of variety at Armistice -- everything from aggressive new-world IPAs, crisp and malty German-style lagers, subtle English bitters, complex sours, nuanced barrel-aged beers, and inventive beers that transcend style boundaries and traditions. We're such a small, sibling-run operation that you'll often find our owner-brewers tending bar. We love talking about and getting feedback on the beers, so come on down and share a pint with us.

Artisanal Imports 3 days ago

Artisanal Imports, Inc. is a sales and marketing company specializing in imported alcoholic beverages. Our main office is in Austin, Texas where a full-time staff of experienced logistics, administrative and support personnel provide essential infrastructure. The purchase of inventory from Europe and Asia is coordinated out of this office and all customer purchase orders are processed here. Compliance with Federal and State law is managed for the entire country from Austin, guiding the company through a confusing maze of reporting and legal requirements.

A network of distributors is engaged to offer our brands to the retail – and ultimately, consumer – trade. Some key markets on the coasts are further supported by brokers and salespeople to assist in the effective marketing of our products. Many states have more than one distributor offering our brands and in each case we strive to effectively partner with our distributors to give our beverages the extra attention they deserve.

We maintain inventory in two public warehouses: New Jersey and California. Distributors place orders from either warehouse of their choosing. This flexibility allows them to cost-effectively manage their freight and take inventory when they need it. It’s our goal to allow distributors to carry an adequate supply of product without surplus. By making it easy for them to fill orders as often as they would like, we believe our distributors will always have the freshest possible products in stock and in their markets.

Gueuzerie Tilquin 6 days ago

Installed in Bierghes in the Senne valley, the Gueuzerie Tilquin is the only gueuze blendery in Wallonia. A gueuzerie, or Geuzestekerij in Dutch, is an enterprise where Gueuze à l’ancienne (or Oude Geuze) is blended.

Freshly brewed worts  are purchased from different producers in the region (Payottenland and Brussels), and pumped in oak barrels  for fermentation and ripening, during 1, 2 or 3 years. The lambics obtained are blended and bottled to give, after 6 months of refermentation, the Gueuze Tilquin à l’ancienne, which has 7.0% alc / vol and is available in 37,5cl and 75cl bottles.

Ohio Valley Hops 1 week ago

At Ohio Valley Hops, we love beer. Good beer. Good hoppy beer. And as dedicated craft beer drinkers and locavores, we began thinking about growing hops ourselves a few years ago and after much planning, started Ohio Valley Hops.

We are not homebrewers- we leave that up to those of you who have the passion, artistry and scientific skills. But we are growers- we’ve been growing a variety of fruits and vegetables for many years. We have long been dedicated to keeping production as natural and gentle as possible in soil health practices, pest and disease management, and processing, in order to provide the most flavorful and healthy produce that we can- and the same goes for our hops.

We currently have nearly 200 plants in our hopyard, and plan to quadruple that over the next few years to provide a locally grown, fresh, quality product to home and craft brewers in the Cincinnati-Dayton area. We’ll never be huge and filling all the needs of any of our local craft brewers, but we will provide a niche source of great hops for our local brewers to keep it local.

Landwash Brewery 1 week ago

Landwash Brewery opened in December 2018 at 181 Commonwealth Avenue in the city of Mount Pearl in the Avalon Metro Region of Newfoundland. We brew flavour-forward beers inspired by modern American craft beer and serve it in our beer-hall style taproom where you can also grab some food from Saucy Mouth Food Truck.

Broad Ripple Brewpub 1 week ago

The Broad Ripple Brewpub was established in 1990 by Englishman John Hill, born in Middlesbrough in North Yorkshire, and his wife Nancy, a Hoosier native. It is Indiana’s very first brewpub (a restaurant that brews its own beer) and the oldest operating brewery in the state. The Brewpub was designed to recreate a typical English pub with its dark wood paneling, leaded stained glass windows, decorative tin ceiling, and cozy fire place. The Brewpub has one of the largest outdoor cafes in Broad Ripple Village, seating up to seventy people.
The Brewpub offers many things to many people. Lively conversation and camaraderie at the bar; a family-friendly atmosphere, where kids are very much welcome; good natured competition in our dart room or a game of bags in our parking lot during the warmer months; surfing the web or getting some work done while enjoying a hand-crafted beer or a relaxed meal enjoyed outdoors on a warm Summer’s night, while people-watching on the Monon Trail (and yes you can bring your dog).

Horsforth Brewery 1 week ago

Operating on a part-time basis, Horsforth Brewery is run by innovative brewer Mark Costello. Horsforth Brewery aims to supply the local Horsforth and wider Leeds areas with tasty, quality beers.

Mark is keen to share his knowledge and passion, so is always willing to chat to others whilst enjoying some beers too!

Horsforth Brewery's flagship beer is 'Pale', and also offers an ever-changing range of specials, using lots of different ingredients to showcase a wide variety of beer styles.

All Horsforth Brewery beers are vegetarian friendly. Most are also vegan friendly, but please check when buying as some of the beers contain lactose.

The brewery logo is based on the iconic welcome sign that greets you as you enter Horsforth from Leeds.

Donzoko Brewing Company 1 week ago

Germany has produced amazing beer for centuries. Rich beer heritage is embedded in the culture. Donzoko Brewing Company takes this beer tradition, and combines techniques from modern UK and American craft brewing to create refreshing, unfiltered beers, packed with flavour. 
Based in Hartlepool, North-East England.

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