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  • Three Little BeersSummer beer festival season is upon us.  From the World Beer Festival to the Great American Beer Festival (GABF), the Great British Beer Festival to any number of CAMRA events, there is a festival to be had almost every weekend somewhere in the world.  Beer festivals are quite a bit of fun, but that fun can be spoiled if you find that you have drank a bit too much.  From past experience, this is easy to do.  In order to get the most out of attending a festival, while being responsible and not being annoying the following are some steps that you might keep in mind while attending.

    1.  Make sure that you eat just prior to entering the festival (but give yourself time to get the flavor of the food out of your mouth or you will be tasting food flavored beer), and continue to seek out food for the duration of the festival. Most festival have pre-arranged agreements with (on-site) food vendors that allow for at least one or two low cost food items to be available for purchase from each vendor.  Typical beer festival fare of turkey legs, pizza, nachos and different sandwiches will give your stomach a much needed buffer between beer and alcohol absorption.  Take time to enjoy your food.  This will also help to cleanse your palette between flights of beer.

    2.  Try to come close to drinking equal parts water and beer. If you have four two ounce servings of beer, try and drink that same amount of water before moving on to another flight of beer.  Most festivals provide either bottled water or some other way of obtaining water specifically for this purpose.  You will undoubtedly use the restrooms more frequently, but in the end this will keep you from becoming dehydrated and could help reduce the chance of a hangover later on.

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