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  • In a new interview series here on CellarMonk, we will be seating Beer Bloggers in the comfy computer chair of fame.  First up is a Twitter friend that was at the ready to suggest can't miss pubs to go to during this author's recent trip to London. Whether it's judging beer, tasting beer, or evangelizing beer, she is at the ready.  Welcome the the Cellar, beer expert and food diva, Melissa Cole.

    Melissa Cole

    Blog Name: Taking the Beard Out of Beer 

    Location (city, country): London, United Kingdom (UK)Melissa Cole

    When did your blog start? 2007

    What got you into blogging about beer?
    I write about beer for a living, and I get to go on so many great trips that I can't always place.  Also, with my b2b writing background and so many pent-up rants, I thought it would be a good idea to start an outlet for all that!

    Is beer the only thing you blog about?
    Beer and beer & food, but I'm a bit random - I write for a living and only blog when the mood really takes me. I know a lot of people will say that's not the way to do it but I prefer quality over quantity - in many walks of life in fact!

    How long have you been blogging about beer?
    I've been writing about beer in way or another for over 10 years.

    Any formal writing training? School, Internship, etc.
    I have a BA Honors in Journalism

  • What does one do with a Communications Degree, well of course they communicate. Our next individual to sit in the Comfy Computer Chair of Fame has just such a degree. Lucky for us, she uses it to spread the word on the one thing we love - beer. Coming to us from the Pacific Northwest is beer blogger and sometimes foodie (but mainly beer), Ms. Kris McDowell.

    Name: Kris McDowellhopworks urban brewery

    Blog Name: Beer Musings from Portland (http://www.bitteredunits.blogspot.com/)

    When did your blog start?

    What got you into blogging about beer?
    When we, my husband and I, started our blog it was designed to be something fun for us and our close friends.

    Is beer the only thing you blog about?
    Yes, however I’m a foodie as well so food, either in terms of being paired with beer or enjoying some at a new brewery, often crops up in the posts.

    How long have you been blogging about beer?
    6 ½ years

    Any formal writing training? School, Internship, etc.
    Not specifically although my degree is in communications so I had plenty of writing courses in college. However I think that blogging for the last six years, by simple repetition, has done a great deal to improve my writing.

    Do you just write about beer or do you have other beer pursuits? Ex. Homebrewer, Judge, host.
    In addition to authoring my own blog I am a contributor to the Taplister blog and before moving to Portland, OR was a very frequent contributor to MNBeer. I am also the Director of Marketing for Brewvana Brewery Tours and a member of the Pink Boots Society whose mission is, “Empowering women beer professionals to advance their careers in the beer industry through education.” I have dabbled in homebrewing but with all the great beers available have opted to set that aside and enjoy drinking what others have made.

    Do you attend any of the big beer conferences? If so, do you stay to yourself or join other bloggers?
    I have not attended any of them.

  • Beer bloggers are a lucky lot.  They get to enjoy their subject (beer and the drinking of beer) and at the same time chronicle the event.  Our next blogger in the spotlight hails from Great Britain, but he has a decidedly worldly beer palate.  Having a look at his blog, one can definitely tell that he loves his subject and if one has followed him on Twitter for any period of time, he has no problem doing research.  Please welcome to the Comfy Computer Chair of Fame - Phil (last name withheld to protect the innocent, the innocent what, we're not sure of).
    Phil     Twitter Name: @Filrd

    Blog or site Name: Beersay – beersay.wordpress.com

    Location (city, country): Stoke On Trent – England (UK)

    When did your blog start? Roughly Feb 2010

    What got you into blogging about beer?
    To be honest I started doing wine reviews first, although very much a novice and not on a blog on the sellers website, then I discovered or re-discovered beer and how I’d managed to miss what was going on around me. The wife bought me a book called “100 Belgian Beers To Try Before You Die” and I set about finding them and posting the info on Facebook, a friend said “why don’t you start a beer blog?”
    I said a what??
    The rest as they say is history…

    Is beer the only thing you blog about?
    Pretty much but not just beer reviews, beer and food, beer places, events, festivals, anything relatively beery.. (I think you get the picture)

    Outside of your blog, do you write for anything else (newspapers, magazines, etc)?
    Nah, nobody wants me.

    Any formal writing training? School, Internship, etc.
    I wrote a poem once in primary school, does that count?

    Do you just write about beer or do you have other beer pursuits?
    I love Quantum Physics (and brewery), plus the works of Galileo Galilei and Stephen Hawking. I like nothing more than to spend hours writing detailed papers trying to lay out my own personal understanding of the universe.

    (No, just beer)

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