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  • Interview with a Homebrewer - Brew Builder

    Once again we are starting up with our interviews of the worlds Ady Goodrichhomebrewers. Our latest hails from the UK and as strange as it seems homebrew's to save money (or at least keep more of his own). After quickly dusting off the Comfy Computer Chair of Fame, allow us to introduce to you homebrewer, Mr. Ady Goodrich

    - Ady Goodrich

    Day Job: - Architectural Project Technologist

    When did you start homebrewing?
    Started kits in 2011, but graduated to all grain in August 2012.

    What got you into homebrewing? A person? An unfulfilled interest? Sheer boredom?
    I liked drinking most ales in the pub, but started drinking more at home when babysitting sleeping newly arrived kids. Shop bought quality beer was expensive and people kept on coming round to visit and clearing me out, so a home brewing obsession began. I started with kits but they never really hit the spot, or felt like I was drinking beer as good as the pub. My brother in law introduced me to beer produced from raw ingredients in a Braumeister, and since tasting that I had to go all grain.

    Do you belong to a homebrew club? What is it?
    I’m not a member of a club yet, but regularly swap home brewed beer with people nearby and on Twitter. I’m hoping with the opening of a Brewdog pub in town, a local home-brew club will follow very soon.

  • Interview with a Homebrewer - NoCal Al

    Up next in our ongoing interview series is a man with drive and ambition to spare.  He comes to us from lovely Novato, CA.  When he's not out whipping someone into shape, he can probably be found whipping up his next batch of homebrew.  Let's give a warm cellar welcome for Mr. Alan Atha.  You can also find out more about Alan at his blog Beltane Brewing

    Name:   Alan Atha
    Day Job:  Personal Trainer/Cycling CoachPB050001
    When did you start homebrewing?
    I went full bore one year ago.
    What got you into homebrewing? A person? An unfulfilled interest?  Sheer boredom?
    I had the flu and was in bed reading a Savor Magazine.  It had a great article on the new Italian Brewing scene and I loved the article.  I then went onto the web to delve further into this particular topic, having been in the Piedmont area and only drinking wine!  I immediately went out and bought a used set up, 15 gal capacity with pumps for a HERMS build.  This set up came with a 14.5 Blickman fermenter and I was set up!

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