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Wood-Aged Beer

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DuClaw Retribution

DuClaw Retribution

Beer Information

Beer Motto
Patience. Justified.
Serving types:
Bottled 22oz
Best Served in:
Pint (Nonic or Tumbler)
Shelf Life
1 to 5 years
Alcohol by Volume (ABV):
International Bitterness Units (IBU):
85 IBU's
Seasonal/Limited Release
Still Brewed:

Product Notes

First brewed in 2011, Retribution, our classic imperial stout stays true to the style’s origins. Retribution pours jet black with a small tan head and full body, and boasts a swirl of dark chocolate, coffee, smoky malt, and fruit flavors, and a lingering, warming alcohol presence (10.5% alcohol by volume) well concealed by its big bold flavors. After fermentation, Retribution was aged inside of bourbon barrels made from charred American oak and carefully monitored for 6 months before being bottled in numbered runs from individual barrels, making the beer from each barrel a unique experience. The result is a smoky, sophisticated Imperial Stout, infused with aromas and flavors of charred oak, vanilla and caramelized sugar. These barrels are fully loaded, and one of them has your name on it.

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