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Frost Beer Works Lush 1 week ago

A double IPA with luxuriant aromatics and succulent flavors. The combination of hops from both hemispheres and our ale yeast complement each other to create rich, juicy character.

Frost Beer Works 1 week ago

We're a small brewery brewing IPA, Double IPA, Pale Ale, and other special stuff : ) Available in cans, Kegs, Growlers, and 22oz bottles. Cheers!

Cassels & Sons Brewing Co. 4 weeks ago

Cassels & Sons Brewing Co. is a family owned, award winning Craft Beer Brewery, located in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Horse & Dragon Brewing Company 2 months ago

Work & family, hops & malt, Horse & Dragon. We craft high quality, great tasting craft beer sustainably and build community in the heart of Northern Colorado, the Napa Valley of Beer. Join us in Fort Collins, Colorado!

The King & Co. 2 months ago

Launched in September 2014, The King & Co is a pub with a difference. Small but perfectly formed & located away from the main drag of Clapham Common, we are focused on providing friendly & attentive service, an interesting & diverse drinks selection & quality food unlike anything else on offer locally.

Beer, & in particular “craft beer” is a particular focus of the pub. We work tirelessly to bring you an array of the best beers available to us from throughout the UK, across Europe & from around the rest of the world. We are lucky enough to have eighteen keg lines, six hand-pull taps & fridges bursting with tasty treats, all of which rotates with as much great beer & cider as possible.

However, please don’t be fooled into thinking that beer is our sole focus. We are proud to offer a carefully crafted wine list that we believe has something for everyone. The same can be said for our spirits selection which offers a wide variety of weird & wonderful libations as well as many others that are better known & more commonplace.

Food-wise we are proud to offer what we believe is the best pub grub in Clapham. Our brand new kitchen team are eager & ready to show you what they are all about & we are excited to share their dishes with you. After three years of pop-ups & residencies we believe that now is the time to take back control of our kitchen & offer simple, seasonal & incredibly tasty food that will have you coming back for more.

That’s us really. We hope you enjoy what we do!

Bell's Oktoberfest Beer 2 months ago

Fall is my favorite time to drink lager. The weather turns cooler, there's a bounty of foods, and beer just seems to taste better. I hope you enjoy this traditional beer as much as I do. Prost!

- L. Bell

Highland Clawhammer Oktoberfest 2 months ago

Bavarian-inspired, Asheville-made. This Marzen is smooth and well-rounded with toast malt character

Nirvana Brewery 2 months ago

No-holds-barred 0%-1% abv craft beers that we're really excited about and want our drinkers to be excited too. We aim to change the perception that low/non alcoholic beer is corn-based tasteless rubbish by creating a range of non alcoholic beers made using the same artisanal ingredients that define craft beer here in the UK and worldwide……..Hold on to your taste buds!! Our beers provide a more sessionable option for beer drinkers be it a designated driver or those who want to look after their health and stay in control, whilst still enjoying the qualities of a craft beer.
Our beers are natural and Vegan, we do not add any nasty chemicals or addictive to artificially enhance our beer... Brewed with good vibes!

Hawksmead Elderflower Mead 2 months ago

This mead is a ‘Metheglin’ (herbed honey mead), using Wildflower and Blossom honeys. It has freshly made elderflower cordial added to the fermentation process.

Bath Road Beers 2 months ago

Welcome to Bath Road Beers, Cheltenham’s premier venue for Great Beer, Great Service and Great Experience! We offer a fantastic range of over 350 different Beers, Ciders, Wines and Spirits to take out or sample in - the choice is yours!

Big Choice Brewing 2 months ago

Craft beer, pizza kitchen, punk rock, and an awesome tasting room can be found at Big Choice Brewing in Brighton, CO. Big Choice was founded in 2012 by Andrea & Nathaniel Miller and Tyler Ruse and named for a 1994 album by the California punk band Face to Face. The brewery carries that mid-’90s vibe at our new location at 21 South First Avenue. The Temple Of Boom reopened in Brighton, CO on August 11, 2017.

47Hops 3 months ago

Raw Hops, Mini Bales, Hop Pellets, Market Information, Market Reports, Fairly regular insightful wisdom and analysis about the hop industry.

3 Stars Brewing Company 3 months ago

3 Stars Brewing Company is a brewery delivering on the promise of bringing locally hand crafted artisanal ales to the DC beer community. The company was founded by Dave Coleman and Mike McGarvey, two longtime friends who decided to seize the opportunity to build a brewery and produce high quality beer in the District of Columbia – hoping to make this world-class city a world-class craft beer destination.

Mike and Dave started out as homebrewers, developing recipes on a homebrew lab system in Mike’s basement. What began as a hobby, soon became the main focal point of their attention. The duo then realized that building a brewery in D.C. was just the type of project they had been looking for. They began writing business plans, searching for a suitable property to house the brewery, and discussing the project with local friends and business associates as a potential investment opportunity. With an unwavering dedication to crafting and brewing unique, complex, forward thinking beers the guys set out a path for the brewery with the purpose of creating highly innovative drinking experiences.

To date, the brewing team at 3 Stars has released over 40 different distinctive beers and cultivated a reputation for pushing the envelope when it comes to creativity. They have been recognized for their commitment to their craft, and have received multiple awards for their achievements. They have been named DC’s Best Local Brewery two years running by Washington City Paper, and were named Rising Stars in 2014 by Star Chefs Magazine.

Be on the lookout as they continue to innovate and create outstanding beers that offer unparalleled drinking experiences.

The Thirsty Fish 3 months ago

A New friendly micro cask bar in the heart of Bury!
Perfect for an afternoon drink with friends!
Real ale - Lager - Craft Beer - Cider - Gin
Whiskey - Rum - Vodka - Liquor - Wine

Mad Squirrel Brewery 3 months ago

Mad Squirrel Brewery has been producing cask ales & craft beers since 2010. In that time we have developed a reputation as one of Hertfordshire's most innovative microbreweries, culminating in a thrilling re-brand in February 2017. Our brewing mission is to create beers which will excited consumers from all walks of life!

Freetail Brewing Co. 3 months ago

Way back yonder on the eve of 2006 a dude named Scott was on a ski trip with friends when he had an epiphany. Maybe it was the lack of oxygen at altitude, or maybe it was all the tasty local beer he had consumed, but he had determined to open a brewery restaurant in his hometown of San Antonio. A little under three years later, Freetail Brewing Co. took flight with a full serving of punk, a dash of ska, a pinch of funk and the random sprinkling of everything else.

Together with Chef Gary Butler and Head Brewer Jason Davis, we are committed to our Mission of “Bringing the Pursuit of Better Stuff” to fruition for our customers, employees and community in everything we do. Since the humble beginnings of our brewpub, we’ve built a brand spankin’ new production brewery and are distributing our beers throughout South Texas.

Torrside Brewing Ltd 3 months ago

The Torrside team is a very democratic set-up between 3 long-practicing homebrewers, with a lot of support from long-suffering partners. We'd each been brewing for several years, and it was time to do something with all that obsession.
Beer is an amazingly varied drink, with flavours that are created by a huge number of factors - from the mix of malts and hops, and which yeasts we use for fermentation, to finer details of the brewing process such as timings, temperatures, and maturation.
So we're brewing across that wide range - from real ales and world beer styles, to historical recipes and a few more unconventional beers. We don't have core beers, though we do brew some beers more regularly - as long as we like it, and it's gone down well with our drinkers!
But our flagship styles are well-hopped pales, all manner of smoked beers, and the ‘Monsters’ barleywine series.

We put our beer into bottle, cask, and keykegs; all our beer is vegan (we don't fine our beer or use animal products in making it), and it's natural "real ale" (conditioned by live yeast in the vessel it's served from).

Triskelion Brewing Company 3 months ago

Located in Historic Downtown 7th Avenue, Triskelion Brewing serves up a wide variety of ale's and lagers. Fans of malty, hoppy, or juicy beers will always have something new to choose from. So, if your out hiking the trails, or downtown enjoying our parks, stop on by for a pint or two. We are pet, child, and hipster friendly. Hope to see you soon!

Wild Weather Ales Ltd 3 months ago

Boom!   Came the sound of the thunder, and as the rain came down like beads bouncing from the mash tun, Wild Weather Ales was born!

Brewed in Silchester (just outside of Reading for the geographically challenged) and drawing inspiration from new world hops, Germany’s malts and beer styles from across the globe, we vow to make your drinking experience as enjoyable as our brewing.

Now with our own on site canning line, collaborations with who we feel are some of the UK’s most inspirational brewers, and being more and more readily available nation-wide (Not to mention export plans) Wild Weather is experiencing Wild Growth.

Striking branding” we hear you say. Well….Thank you, but we can hardly take all the credit. When we approached the punk artist and guitarist from the London punk band MÜG he jumped at the chance to have his work displayed across some of this fair land’s greatest drinking establishments.

So as you sip on your first pint of the night, Contemplate the hops within your Double IPA in front of the fire and look out on sheet rain and thunder, remember…

Wild Weather Ales are here to stay

Silks Brewery 3 months ago

Silks Brewery is a five barrel micro brewery producing a fine range of hand crafted real ales in small batches. The brewery is a traditional Real Ale brewery with wooden clad stainless steel vessels.

The brewery is based on a North Essex Farm in a converted old grain store. Brewing began in late 2015 using the finest English malts and with the best character hops to produce beers of lasting impression.

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