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Harvey's Brewery yesterday

Britain’s second oldest brewer, still brewing on our Bridge Wharf site since 1790.... #WeWuntBeDruv

Renowned throughout the south east for our range of award-winning, traditional cask ales. These ales are unpasteurised, and are known as the champagne of beers. We believe this is achieved by selecting the finest raw materials and combining them with unique ‘local’ conditions, brewed within a traditional Brewhouse. In fact the Brewhouse is Victorian, and Grade II listed, known locally as “The Cathedral of Lewes”!

The Beerblefish Brewing Company Ltd. yesterday

We are a social enterprise brewery making beer in Edmonton, North London.

We have four aims:

- Provide training and mentoring to ex-forces personnel to re-skill and re-enter the workforce after military service;
- Provide material and financial support to computing-oriented youth training schemes and children’s organisations;
- Pay all members of staff at least the living wage;
- Brew fantastic beer and have fun doing it!

We offer a full range of tasty beers, from dark, mysterious stouts and porters through to lagers and hoppy pales, but our true passion is for heritage beers, which is why our core range comprises beers based on nineteenth century recipes and tasting notes. We have also branched out into spirits, creating our Limited Edition Hopped Gin in 2019.

Beerblefish Brewing is committed to keeping its beers vegan. It is not necessary to include isinglass or other animal products in our beers - these additives do not add anything to the taste of the beer and simply stop some people from being able to enjoy it.

We are also conscious of the impact of brewing on our environment and we are always looking for ways to reuse our by-products, including our spent grain and our used hops. We're always open to new ideas so please get in touch with any suggestions.

Pivovar Broumov 2 days ago

Brewery Broumov, Founded 1348

imageIn the picturesque landscape of eastern Bohemia behind the wall of Broumov rocks and in proximity of famous Adrspach sandstone rock-city we can find Olivetin. It is a part of Broumov where one of the oldest cloistral breweries in the Czech Republic was built. The brewery carries the torch of Benedictine brewery which was previously located in the Broumov monastery. Since the original monastic brewery burned down several times the church authorities decided to position a new brewery outside of the monastic enclosure. This brewery was constructed between the years 1712-1714.

Brewery Broumov was reconstructed and modernized recently. It produces a wide range of beers which are sold under the brand name ‘Olivetinsky Opat’ which means ‘Abbot from Olivetin’. Beer made here can be dark, light or special. It is a typical representative of so called ‘Czech beer’ which is characterized as ‘like bread’, with pleasant hops bitterness and bite and gold-yellow colouring. All these attributes are preferred by Czech consumers.

Rodinný pivovar BERNARD 2 days ago

Bernard je pivo, které ozdobí Vaši osobnost. A čím jste odlišnější, tím více se k Vám bude hodit. Bernard je totiž jako Vy. Neohlíží se po ostatních a vaří pivo po svém - bez pasterizace, z nejčistší vody, z vlastního sladu a kvasnic uprostřed lesem provoněné Vysočiny. Díky tomu vytváří harmonii vyvážené hořkosti, lahodné plnosti a chmelové vůně.

Bernard je oblíbeným pivem lidí, kteří si chtějí opravdu pochutnat a jdou stejně jako Bernard svou vlastní cestou. Je životním stylem, kultem...

1516 The Brewing Company 3 days ago

Brewpub in the heart of Vienna!

DagmarBryggeriet 3 days ago

DAGMARBRGGERIET in Ringsted was founded in 2005 and opened in summer 2006.
The brewery brews on a complete classic English used brewing plant from ABUK. The boiler, which is from Oxford, has a capacity of 800 to 1000 liters and Dagmar Brewery aims to make three brews a month, in other words about 35,000 liters a year.

The brewery is located in an old grain store in a backyard.
The magazine is part of an old grocery store which is protected.

The brewery draws on the medieval royal history of Ringsted and its surroundings. Queen Dagmar (c.1185-1212), bohemian princess, came to Denmark in 1205 and married Valdemar Victory, who was a recognized and well-regarded king in Europe. His father Valdemar d. Great and Archbishop Absalon had the saintly named Valdemar's father, Knud Lavard. In the aftermath, Queen Dagmar has become a legend which is attributed to goodness and justice.

A folk tale tells of her illness and death "outside Ribe" and ends with "In Ringsted, which rests Queen Dagmar". She is buried in Skt. Bendt's church in Ringsted to this day.

Schussenrieder Brauerei Ott GmbH & Co 4 days ago

SCHUSSENRIEDER braut seine Bierspezialitäten seit über 100 Jahren ausschließlich nach einem klassischen und traditionellen Brauverfahren. Die Rohstoffe kommen fast ausschließlich von heimischen Landwirten und unterliegen strengen Kontrollen.

PARK & Bellheimer AG 4 days ago

Today's Bellheimer brewery looks proudly back on a long-standing tradition, but goes innovatively into the future. In the traditional walls of the brewery you will find modern technology. The sustainable and environmentally friendly use of resources is firmly rooted in daily work routine. Every day our employees work passionately. You can taste this in every one of our beers. This is the only way to brew beers of the highest quality. The Bellheimer brewery is a strong partner of the gastronomy. We also support many festive events in the region with our modern equipment. Our own efficient vehicle fleet enables us to bring our beers directly and always fresh to our customers.

Brasserie Bofferding 5 days ago

Brassée à partir des meilleures matières premières, Bofferding est une bière blonde pur malt et pur houblon, sans additifs ni conservateurs. Désaltérante et pleine d'allant.

KIRNER Privatbrauerei 6 days ago

Heute wie damals ist die Brauerei einem besonderen Qualitätsanspruch verpflichtet: mit moderner Brautechnologie und nach traditionell überlieferten Rezepturen Biere mit einem unverwechselbaren Geschmack zu brauen, eine marktorientierte Sortimentspolitik zu betreiben und den Kunden in den Mittelpunkt des unternehmerischen Handelns zu stellen.

Bitburger Brauerei Th. Simon GmbH 6 days ago

Bitburger is one of the leading breweries in Germany based in the Kreiss city ​​of Bitburg in the heart of the South Eifel. Since 1817 our beer has been brewed according to the highest quality standards and of course according to the German Purity Law. The selection of first-class raw materials after strict controls enables the unique taste of our premium beer. As Germany's No. 1 draft beer brand, quality comes first for us. In addition to the best Bitburger Premium Pils, many other products belong to the range of our brewery with more than 200 years of tradition.

Privatbrauerei Bischoff GmbH + Co. KG 6 days ago

The Bischoff private brewery will be 150 years old in 2016.
The only brewery in the North Palatinate that has been a family-owned company since its founding in 1866 remained. That can be described as a specialty! At that time mail coaches were still operating here and the Palatinate belonged to Bavaria ...

Crooked Stave Coffee Baltic Porter 2 weeks ago

Baltic Porter Aged with Artisan Coffee Beans

Part of our Limited Release Series, Coffee Baltic Porter focuses on the art of coffee roasting, showcasing the uniqueness of this single ingredient. Through conditioning our baltic porter with freshly roasted beans we strive for a balanced coffee character, adding dark sugar, plums and cocoa notes to the robust porter base.

Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project 2 weeks ago

As a modern artisan brewery with a quality driven focus, we strive to progressively blend science and art through creativity and following our passion. We are committed to operating as a profitable and sustainable brewery, which spurs innovation through encouraging the sharing of ideas in an open environment, a commitment that is further reflected through our marketing and community involvement.

From our humble beginnings, we embraced creativity while always striving to make quality our focus. Today we are proud to say we work closely with many of the farmers and skilled craftsmen who produce the ingredients we regularly use. We periodically brew with Colorado floor malted barley as our base malt, we feature Colorado grown hops in various recipes and work meticulously with whole fruit and only whole fruit, most of which is grown in Colorado. This attention to detail and stewardship for the land produces beers of extraordinary quality and is unmistakable in everything we produce.

High Alpine Brewing Company 2 weeks ago

High Alpine Brewing Company opened its doors the Summer of 2015. Located in downtown Gunnison, Colorado surrounded by epic terrain that locals embrace all year round. Scott started HABC as a way to bring community together one delicious pint at a time.

Nothing goes better with beer than pizza, which is why we feature a full menu of delicious brick oven pizzas. Our menu also includes fresh salads with homemade dressings and quality appetizers to start your meal off.

Come get your spirits elevated at High Alpine Brewing Company!

Exale Brewing 2 weeks ago

We (Mark and Dan) started brewing together as Hale Brewing in a shipping container outside a warehouse club in Tottenham. We like to brew experimental one-offs but equally love to make sessionable, moreish beer using the best hops but also foraged and unusual ingredients. We’ve outgrown our previous home and our new 20hl brewery will give us more consistency, quality and control, as well as allowing us to can our beer for the first time and serve it at our own taproom.


We’re huge believers in protecting the world around us, and everything we do will have one eye on the environment by reducing our impact, Our spent grain will be used for biofuel and our waste beer turned into beer soap and shampoo bars to help us and our locals cut down on plastic, and we’ll be foraging for more unusual ingredients from our local surroundings to reduce the food miles on our beer.The greenery in our taproom isn’t just for show, we grow produce for local food banks and botanicals for our beers or spirits.

Packaging is one of the main issues in brewery waste, so we use as much recycled plastic as we can and reuse most of the packaging in some way, or send it back to suppliers to reuse. Our grain bags are turned into shopping bags and our merchandise is from an ethical, sustainable sources.

North Riding Brewery Ltd 1 month ago

North Riding Brewery's first beer was brewed in March 2015 after several months of planning and preparation. We are based at Unit 6, Barkers Lane, Snainton which is on the outskirts of Scarborough in the Derwent Valley.

A tranquil setting where our beer is brewed on a weekly basis from our 10 barrel plant. We aim to produce modern ales which are traditionally brewed from the finest ingredients.

There are 4 core beers brewed on a regular basis as well as monthly specials.

The Brew Foundation 1 month ago

The Brew Foundation grew out of a father and son’s love of beer. After a combined 60 years of painstaking research we decided it was time to begin crafting the beers we love to drink and start sharing them with you. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

We currently cuckoo brew out of a great micro brewery near Macclesfield called the Wincle Beer Company. The brewery benefits from it’s own natural water source, an idyllic location and a very knowledgeable and talented team to bounce our ideas off.

With Robert being from Cheshire and James living in Sheffield for the last 15 years the brewery is perfectly positioned in the middle of both places, meaning we are able to distribute our craft beers throughout Cheshire, Sheffield, Manchester, Leeds and the surrounding areas.

Although we plan to develop a range of differing beer types our true passion lies in the pale side of the market, be it a smooth English pale ale, or a hoppy IPA. The Brew Foundation is a micro brewery specialising in brewing perfectly balanced beers.

For us “drinkability” is key: We believe that each pint should leave you wanting one more.

Crown & Kettle 1 month ago

The Crown and Kettle is a real ale bar situated on the border of the Northern Quarter in Ancoats

We specialise in real ales

Duck Rabbit Rabid Duck 1 month ago

The Duck-Rabbit’s Imperial Stout is extremely big and robust. This special beer is thick, jet black and oily in texture. Complex flavors of roast malts dominate: bitter chocolate and espresso coffee especially. There is also a very big hop presence both for bittering and for aroma. At 10% alcohol by volume, this brew is made to be sipped and savored

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