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Rare Form Brewing Company 1 week ago

Rare Form Brewing Company opened its doors in 2014 in historic Troy, New York. It is a place where our passion for beer and art are brought together in the name of creativity. Our approach to classic beer styles is focused on both tradition and experimentation. We are proud to always offer a wide-ranging and rotating beer menu. We are brewer owned and operated.

Visit our taproom to try our current offerings paired with the finest local food products. We don't have a kitchen but offer gourmet ploughman's boards, gourmet chips, nuts, and other great beer snacks. We always welcome you to bring in your own take out as well.

Rushing Duck Brewing Company 1 week ago

Rushing Duck Brewing Company is a small, family owned and operated brewery located in the Historic District of Chester, New York that began selling beer in August of 2012. Based in Orange County, our beer is distributed throughout the Hudson Valley and New York City by Remarkable Liquids. We produce a wide variety of tasty beers. Hoppy, malty, American-styled, Belgian influenced, barrel aged, sours, you name it. First and foremost we brew beer that we like to drink. We hope you do too.

Binghamton Brewing Co 1 week ago

Kristen Lyons and Jason Gardner were first introduced to craft brewing by Brewery Ommegang. They were on hand for the very first Belgium Comes To Cooperstown (BCTC) as volunteers. They were introduced to amazing Belgian Beers that have helped to shape their taste going forward.

From there they began to volunteer at Empire State Brewing & Music Festival in Syracuse and the NY Brewfest at the South Street Seaport. All of these amazing festivals and beers sparked their love of craft beer and the brewing process. A few years later they tried their hand at their first brew, a hefeweizen, and the result was wonderful. With no breweries in the Binghamton area at the time the idea to bring craft beer to the region was born.

Binghamton Brewing Co was founded in 2011 with the idea to bring craft brewing back to Binghamton. We incorporated in early 2012 and have been dilligently working to bring our concept to fruition. We believe that interesting brews, impeccable service and good times are meant to be together.

We love locally grown ingredients. As a farm brewery we are sourcing our ingredients from local producers. NYS hops and malt will be staples in our brews and we will have local wines and cider on hand as well. We welcome you to experience all that Bing Brew has to offer.

Blackedge Black Port 1 week ago

A multi award winning porter, deliciously complex, roasted coffee    and chocolate flavours with a hint of liquorice and sweet port finish.

Balckedge Pike 1 week ago

A pale golden ale Well hopped with us Cascade, Summit & UK pioneer hops. Plenty of citrus sweet hop flavour & aroma and lasting bitter finish.

Squawk Brewing Co 1 week ago

A fresh Manchester-based brewery.

Blackedge Brewing Company Ltd 1 week ago

In 2011 we founded Blackedge Brewery born of Shaun and Wayne’s passion for good beer. The name is a combination of our respective homes, Blackrod and Edgworth. Seven years on we have become a well-known award-winning microbrewery at the heart of the small independent brewing community in the North West. We are SIBA FSQ accredited and members of the SIBA Independent Assured Brewer programme which ensures the beers we make are of the highest quality. We take pride in the quality beers we provide.

Pomona Island Brew Co Ltd 1 week ago

We are Pomona Island. We have a passion for innovation and style. We wake up each morning and strive each day to create the finest beers on the….Nah. Can you imagine if we actually spoke like that? We’re just beer snobs and over-appreciators who thought we’d put our (small amount of) money where our (big) mouths are.

The brewery is Nick and Ryan who started the Gas Lamp bar in Manchester City Centre (where you can always get our beers! thegaslamp.co.uk) Gaz from Marble Brewery and James from Tempest Brewery.

The beer is all stuff we like to drink. Loads of sessionable new world hoppy pales. More traditional stouts and porters. Big juicy IPAs and some fun experimental stuff to keep us and you interested.

We’re based in Salford, just round the corner from Media City and near to Pomona Island. You’ll find loads of our beers all around Manchester and Nationally too.
Things we like… Tap takeovers, meet the brewers, festivals and anyone interested getting in touch!

Marble Beers Ltd 1 week ago

Brewing up a storm since 1997, Marble Brewery is a microbrewery based in the heart of Manchester, UK. We specialise in innovative cask, keg, can and bottled beer, as well as revitalising historic British styles. At the helm is Head Brewer, Joe Ince, who is leading the brewery's new range of hop forward beers, barrel ageing programme, and exciting new events. The brewery was originally housed in the rear of The Marble Arch Inn, and comprised of a four-and-a-half-barrel plant installed by Brendan Dobbin. The brewhouse was situated behind glass observation windows, where curious drinkers could view their beer being created. The fermenters and conditioning tanks were situated in the cellar below. Due to increased production, the brewery expanded in 2009 to twelve-barrel capacity, seeing production up sticks and move to a railway arch a short distance away and creating Manchester’s first railway arch brewery. With no current plans to brew above 5000hl per year, we spread our production over seven fermenters, four bright beer tanks, one conditioning tank and a small but beautifully formed barrel aging program. As a small brewery with limited expansion we are proud to have sent staff onto; Blackjack Brewery, Buxton Brewery, Cloudwater, Dan’s Brewery, Legitimate Industries, Magic Rock, and Thornbridge. Former employee Rob Hamilton later purchased our original kit to found neighbouring Blackjack Brewery. As well as Rob, we are proud to have Marble alumni spread across the great and good of British brewing, including; James Campbell (Head Brewer, Cloudwater Brew Co), Dominic Driscoll (Production Manager, Thornbridge Brewery), Colin Stronge (Head Of Production, Northern Monk Brew Co), Matthew Howgate (Head Brewer, Legitimate Industries) and Dan W De Bechevel (Founder and Head Brewer, Wander Beyond Brewing).

Stockade Brew Co 1 week ago

Originally hailing from South West Sydney, Stockade Brew Co began life in October 2015. We offer a core line-up of 5 sessionable beers, including Hop Splicer XPA, 8bit IPA, Chop Shop Pale Ale, SESH Mid Strength Ale and Duel Hoppy Lager. In addition to this, an ambitious roster of bi-monthly limited edition brews, see’s renowned beers such as The Mountie Maple Imperial Stout, Bella Rossa Woodfired Red Lager and Old Money Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout hit the shelves and taps for a short period of time.

In our short existence, we have won in excess of 60 awards across the likes of the Australian International Beer Awards (AIBAs), the Craft Beer Awards (CBAs), the Sydney Royal Beer GABS People Choice 2017 and Cider Show and World Beer Awards (WBA’s) where we won the title of “World’s Best Imperial Stout”.

Stockade exports its beers to South East Asia with countries such as Thailand, Korea, Singapore and China serving up both core range and limited beers.

Mill Valley Brewery 1 week ago

Steve and Wendy opened Mill Valley in 2016 as a fully operational micro brewery and bar with their “on premises” brewed real ales and a choice of continental largers and wines and spirits. Come in, grab a seat, have a drink and enjoy what we have to offer in the heartland of the industrial revolution.

Come join us on a Friday for complimentary snacks to celebrate the start of the weekend.

Mill Valley Brewery is in the heart of the textile trade in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, and the area is famous for the Luddite Revelution, we have brewed our very own Luddite ale & Mill Bitter to remember the Luddites. We have six barrel plant which we product 4 different ales, our Mill Bitter AVB 4.3% Mill Blonde ABV 4.2% and our Luddite Ale 3.8% We open our brewery to the public on the last weekend in month for people try our real ale, Brewery trips are also welcome.

Triton Brewing Company 1 week ago

Drinking the same beer every time is like eating nothing but macaroni and cheese – mac and cheese is great, but only kids want to eat the same food every meal. Eventually a person’s tastes grow up, and they start to pay attention to other flavors, to other recipes, and they start to notice the difference between food that’s just the same old food, and meals cooked on purpose, with different subtleties, ingredients, and back stories.

Triton brews several different kinds of beer, and we hope our beers will become your favorites. But we don’t want you to only drink one of our beer styles, or to only drink Triton, for that matter. We want you to be a beer lover – someone who pays attention to nuanced flavors, who appreciates a great recipe, and who can tell a good story about the beers you love.

100% of Triton Brewing Company’s spent grain goes to local farms to be used as feed for cattle and poultry!

Saltaire Brewery Limited 1 week ago

Established in the heart of Yorkshire in 2005, Saltaire Brewery is an independent brewery committed to creating delicious, high quality beers with character!

Restobières 2 weeks ago

Restobieres is the restaurant of typical Brussels specialities, with an original decor where you can admire an endless collection of coffee, meat and cheese mills, chocolate boxes with portraits of the royal family, and non the least cake trays and bottles of long gone brewers.


Note ** Restobieres is also open for lunch from 12 Tuesday thru Sunday.

The Gasworks Brewbar 2 weeks ago

Built on the site of the old Gaythorn Gas Works,The Gas Works Brew Bar is a new concept from the team behind The Dockyard pubs. With an industrial heritage, we've brought a rustic feel with a modern twist.
Located in the recent development of First Street in Manchester, we're taking our love and passion for all things beer to the next level.

Our crown jewel is the in house brewery. Sitting on full display for all to see will be crafting an ever increasing range of our own beers to be served direct from tank to tap.

Offering classic pub food in a relaxed industrial setting, and with a rotation of guest keg, cask and home brewed beers, we're sure to have something for everyone to try.

The Ridgeside Brewing Co. Ltd. 3 weeks ago

We are a proudly independent brewery based in Meanwood, Leeds, United Kingdom. Founded in January 2010, by the late Simon Bolderson, Ridgeside built a sterling reputation on producing excellent cask ales, with a particular focus on hop-forward pales and a specialty of beer from the wood. In July 2015, a new chapter in Ridgeside’s story commenced. Our current team continues the fantastic legacy of Ridgeside, whilst embracing the attitude and stylistic possibilities of the modern craft beer movement. In addition to our solid line up of long-time favourites, we are continuously investigating and experimenting with diverse styles, flavours, and aromas to brew limited-edition specials. Whether tinkering with dry-hopping, long conditioning lagers, or perfecting our kettle souring technique, we are committed to bringing a caring, fresh and improved approach to craft brewing and delivering a variety of real ales in all packages. Furthermore, all of our beers are brewed with great care, love and passion in small batches to ensure the highest quality.

North Yorkshire Brewing Company Ltd 4 weeks ago

Here at North Yorkshire Brewery we make “real ale” which is cask or bottle conditioned beer, a peculiarly British speciality, which we think is the best way to appreciate it. Our beers are handmade, crafted, bold yet personal to North Yorkshire.

Brewcover 1 month ago

 Brewcover is the latest offering from Walmsleys Commercial Insurance Brokers. We’ve been in the insurance business since 1927, and we specialise in providing bespoke insurance solutions for specific niche industries, such as yours. We already work with a range of industries, from motor traders through to basket weavers, and we pride ourselves on providing a tailor-made solution to each.

Based in Wigan, we have a team of specialist insurance professionals, which means you get a personalised, expert service. We work with what we believe to be the best insurance companies both large and small, to ensure you get the cover you need, at the right price, with top-flight customer service too.

Brothers Drinks Co. Ltd 1 month ago

We are Francis, Jonathan, Matthew and Daniel.

For 14 generations our family has always strived to make light, refreshing ciders using a variety of fruit. We are constantly exploring new recipes and love to get your feedback on our latest creations.

We first started selling our Pear Cider at the Glastonbury Festival in 1995 near what was then called the Jazz World Stage. These days it is called The West Holts Stage but our bar is still in the same place. Over the years, festival goers kept asking us if it was possible to get our drink when the festival was over and so we decided to market it to pubs and supermarkets.

Now you can buy it in over 20 countries around the world.

Aktienbrauerei Kaufbeuren 1 month ago

Developed under the ancient ‘Reinheitsgebot’ German Beer Purity Laws of 1516. Aktienbrauerei in Kaufbeuren, Bavaria, can trace its roots even further than that – to 1308 – representing more than 700 years of Bavarian brewing heritage and tradition.

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