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Blonde Ale

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New Belgium Skinny Dip

New Belgium Skinny Dip

Beer Information

Best Served in:
Chalice or Goblet
Alcohol by Volume (ABV):
Still Brewed:

Goes Best WIth

Goes Best With (Food)
Goes Best With (Cheese)

Product Notes

Ever tried a Skinny Dip? You wouldn't be alone. Featured by both Men's Journal and the Today Show as a favorite summer brew, this full-bodied, highly drinkable beer makes a splash every summer in our Seasonal line-up. Cascade hops frolic with a hint of lime leaf, giving the beer complexity that's surprisingly refreshing.

Skinny Dip for a Cause
Skinny Dip has also become our mascot for water advocacy. Why is New Belgium diving head first into water advocacy? For starters, water makes up over 90% of our beers. So, no fresh water means no great beers. And, living in the arid West, with the threatened Poudre River running through the middle of our town, water is an important regional issue for us, too.

In 2010, we partnered with Jonathan Waterman and Save the Colorado because we believe that access to clean water is a basic human right. Responsible consumption means eliminating waste, returning clean water back to the water cycle, and protecting watersheds. http://jonathanwaterman.com

So, enjoy a Skinny Dip with friends. Dive into the story by watching the video. And learn all about Jonathan Waterman's journey and the plight of the Colorado River at savethecolorado.org.

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