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Ordering Beer by Country

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Country of Origin

Country of Origin
Na zdravje!
A beer/two beers, please. 
Pivo/dve pivi, prosim. (PEE-voh/dveh PEE-vee, PROH-seem)
A pint, please. 
Veliko pivo, prosim. (veh-LEE-koh PEE-voh, PROH-seem)
A bottle, please. 
Steklenico, prosim. (steh-kleh-NEE-tsoh, PROH-seem)
One more, please. 
Še enega/eno, prosim. (sheh eh-NEH-gah/EH-noh, PROH-seem)
Another round, please. 
Še enkrat enako, prosim. (sheh EHN-kraht eh-NAH-koh, PROH-seem)
When is closing time? 
Kdaj se zapre? (kd-ahy seh zah-PREH?)
Good to know Phrases
Where are the toilets? 
Kje so sanitarije? (kyeh soh sah-nee-TAH-ryeh?)
I haven't done anything wrong
Ničesar nisem zagrešil. (nee-CHEH-sahr NEE-sehm zah-GREH-sheel)
It was a misunderstanding. 
Gre za nesporazum. (greh zah nehs-poh-RAH-zoom)
I am an American/Australian/British/Canadian citizen. 
Sem ameriški/avstralski/britanski/kanadski grški državljan. (sehm ah-MEH-reesh-kee/ows-TRAHLS-kee/bree-TAHNS-kee/kah-NAHDS-kee GRSH-kee dehr-ZHOW-lyahn)
I want to talk to the American/Australian/British/Canadian consulate. 
Želim poklicati ameriški/avstralski/britanski/kanadski grški konzulat. (ZHEH-leem poh-KLEE-tsah-tih ah-meh-REESH-kee/ows-TRAHLS-kee/bree-TAHNS-kee/kah-NAHDS-kee GRSH-kee kohn-ZOO-laht)

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