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Ordering Beer by Country

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A beer/two beers, please.
Vieną / du alaus, prašau. (VYA-nah / doo ah-LOWS, prah-SHAHOO)
Half a litre, please.
Pusę litro, prašau. (POO-seh LIT-raw, prah-SHAHOO) (Lithuanians have metric system thus by saying "a pint, please" you wouldn't be understood)
A bottle, please.
Prašau vieną butelį. (prah-SHAHOO VYA-nah BOO-teh-lee)
One more, please.
Prašau dar vieną (prah-SHAHOO DAHR VYA-nahh)

Good to Know Phrases:

Where is the toilet?
Kur yra tualetas? (Kuhr EE-rah twah-LA-tahs?)
I haven't done anything wrong.
Aš nieko blogo nepadariau. (ahsh NYA-kaw BLAW-gaw na-pah-dah-RYOW)
It was a misunderstanding.
Tai buvo nesusipratimas. (tuy BOO-vaw neh-soo-sih-prah-TIH-mus)
I am an British / American / Australian citizen.
Aš esu Didžiosios Britanijos / Amerikos / Australijos pilietis. (ahsh eh-SOO dee-JYAW-syaws brih-TAH-niyaws / ah-MEH-rih-kaws / ows-TRAH-lih-yaws pih-LYA-tihs)
I want to talk to the British / American / Australian embassy / consulate.
Aš noriu pasišnekėti su Didžiosios Britanijos / Amerikos / Australijos ambasada / konsulatu. (ahsh NAW-ryoo pah-sih-shneh-KEHH-tih soo dih-JYAW-syaws brih-TAH-nih-yaws / ah-MEH-rih-kaws / ows-TRAH-lih-yaws am-bah-SAH-dah / kawn-soo-LAH-too)

Internet assistance/slang: (Thank you @BeerMudderAudra)

I sveikata
It means 'face is asking for a brick'.
Veidas prasosi plytos

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