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Ordering Beer by Country

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Irish (Celtic)


Country of Origin

Country of Origin
A beer/two beers, please. 
(insert ammount- ie. cup/glass/mug)beoir, le do thoil. 
A pint, please. 
Pionta, le do thoil. 
A bottle, please. 
Buidéal, le do thoil. 
One more, please. 
Ceann amháin eile le do thoil. 
Another round, please. 
Babhta eile, le do thoil.
When is closing time? 
Cathain a bhfuil sibh dúnta? 
a Toast - To Health or Life 
Sláinte (Slawn-cha)
Good To know Phrases:
Where is the toilet? 
Cá bhfuil an leithreas? (CAW will ahn LEH-HER-as?)
It was a misunderstanding. 
Ba mhíthuiscint é. (bah VEE-HISH-kint ay)
I am an American/Australian/British/Canadian citizen. 
Is saoránach Meiriceánach/Astrálach/Briotanach/Ceanadach mé. (iss sayr-AWN-ock merry-KAWN-ock/ass-TRAWL-ock/BRIT-annock/KYANNY-dock may)
I want to talk to the American/Australian/British/Canadian embassy/consulate. 
Ba mhaith liom labhairt leis an ambasáid/consalacht Meiriceánach/Astrálach/Briotanach/Ceanadach. (bah wawh lum LOWR-t lesh on OM-bass-oyj/CUN-sill-ockt merry-KAWN-ock/ass-TRAWL-ock/BRIT-annock/KYANNY-dock)

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