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Ordering Beer by Country

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Country of Origin

Country of Origin

A beer/two beers, please.
Jedno pivo / dva piva, molim. (YEHD-noo PEE-voh / dvah PEE-vah, MOH-leem)
A pint, please.
Jednu kriglu, molim. (YEHD-noo KREE-gloo, MOH-leem)
A bottle, please.
Jednu bocu, molim. (YEHD-noo BOH-tsoo, MOH-leem)
One more, please
Još jedno, molim. (yohsh YEHD-noh, MOH-leem)
Another round, please.
Još jednu rundu, molim. (yohsh YEHD-noo ROON-doo, MOH-leem)
When is closing time?
Kada zatvarate? (KAH-dah zaht-VAH-rah-teh)

Good to know Phrases

Where are the toilets?
Gdje je WC? (gdyeh yeh weh-tseh?)
I didn't do it!
Nisam to učinio(m)/ učinila(f). (NEE-sahm toh oo-CHEE-nee-oh/ oo-CHEE-nee-lah)
I didn't realize I was doing anything wrong?
Nisam znao/znala da činim nešto nedopušteno? (NEE-sahm ZNAH-oh/ZNAH-lah dah CHEE-neem NEH-shtoh neh-doh-POO-shteh-noh?)
I wish to contact my embassy/consulate.
Želim kontaktirati veleposlanstvo/konzulat. (ZHEH-leem kohn-tahk-TEE-rah-tee veh-leh-poh-SLAHN-stvoh/kohn-zoo-LAHT)
Go away!
Odlazi! (OH-dlah-zee)
F*ck off
Odjebi!  thank you @Miro_zlikovski

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