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Meadery - North America

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Blacksnake Meadery

Blacksnake Meadery


605 Buffalo Road
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Meadery Notes

Welcome to Blacksnake Meadery, Carroll County’s first winery and Southwest Virginia’s only meadery. We are a family-owned and operated business in the beautiful southern Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia. Our desire to live more closely with nature and our love of all things fermented have resulted in the establishment of our meadery. Blacksnake Meadery’s closeness with nature began with negotiations with the original reptilian inhabitants (and namesakes) of the meadery. It has since expanded to the introduction of an ever-growing population of honeybees, who produce at least half of the honey in our meads, as well as the cultivating of the numerous wild apples, crabapples, and berries on the property. We hope to expand our plantings into an array of fruits and herbs suitable both for flavoring mead and producing honey. Cheers! Steve & Jo

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