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Brewery - North America

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Wynkoop Brewing Company

Wynkoop Brewing Company


1634 18th Street
Postal Code:

Brewery Information

Type of Brewery
Commercial Brewery
Brewmaster / Head Brewer:
C. Andrew Brown
Brewery Founded
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Brewery Notes

From our start in 1988, we’ve worked to be good environmental stewards in our community. We began recycling glass and cardboard almost from the start, today those measures are joined by extensive composting, recycling, and water and energy conservation efforts.

Our biodegradable waste is composted, our spent brewing grains feed local livestock, and our used cooking oils are recycled into biodiesel. We use a range of biodegradable paper and carry-out supplies, and continue to seek new ways to operate as an environmentally friendly enterprise.

Our menu features a wealth of Colorado-produced meats and vegetables, Redbird Farms chicken, and wild salmon certified by the Marine Stewardship Counsel as a renewable resource. We use premium malts and hops in our beer and trans fat-free oil in our fryers, and we source a large number of staples and condiments from local producers.

Our goal with these collective measures? To reduce our environmental impact and increase our support of local entrepreneurs. While giving you the best food and beer your dollars can buy. If you have suggestions for other steps we can take toward that goal, please let us know about them.

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